Marissa and Patrick

How We Met

Patrick and I met in high school in 2004. He was neighbors with my best friend. He was 12 and I was 14. We were friendly, I had class with his older brother and saw him often when I was at my friends. He had a crush on me but I didn’t really pay it any mind. Years later on July 10th 2013 we saw each other at a mutual friends house. We were playing a dice game and I was beating him. I took a silly picture of him and when he later asked to see the picture I relied “what’s your number I’ll send you it”.

We texted non stop and had plans to hang out but I fell asleep two nights in a row when we were supposed to get together. He thought I was blowing him off but he gave it another shot and I made sure to plan for a day I had off. We were together ever since. On October 20th we went to a Jets Patriots football game, where he first said “I love you”. He made it official asking me to be his girlfriend on October 22nd via a hand written letter he mailed out asking me “will you be my girlfriend? Yes, no, or maybe” with boxes to check off next to it. It all made sense when I thought of him saying I love you before asking me to be his girlfriend but I just hadn’t checked my mail for a few days! We’ve been together now for 4 years.

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On July 19th 2012, my father passed away from cancer. It was a year later I would start dating Patrick. I was very close with my father and talked about him everyday. Strangers who would find out I was Henry Corts’ daughter would start to tell stories of him to us, stories I’ve heard but Patrick would be hearing for the first time. Through the years Patrick felt like he knew my father just from stories, pictures and through me. My fathers urn is in a Mausoleum at Ascension Cemetery in Monsey, NY. I visit every year on the anniversary of his passing. I’m a strong woman but every year on this day I am very solemn and like to be alone. July 19th 2017, marking the 5 year anniversary of my fathers death. I was meeting my brother at the cemetery at 1pm, Patrick as well granted he got out of work early.

When I arrived I noticed my brother car was not around and called him. He said he was 5 minutes away and to just go see dad. I walked over and saw Patrick was there waiting, I saw a photographer snapping photos in the distance but thought nothing of it because they take pictures of everything and anything. We chatted for a moment and I spoke about my grandmother and Aunt who were also in the mausoleum and started to walk towards them. Patrick suggested to come back by my father. I turned to look at the flowers when Patrick started to say something. “So I wanted to come here today to ask you if I could be the most important man in your life and hopefully ask our father if I can take his daughters hand in marriage.

So Marissa Ann-Marie Corts will you marry me?” Through tears and sobbing I shook my head yes and wrapped my arms around him crying harder into his chest. He pulled away and the photographers were snapping away.

His twin brother Paul then emerged to congratulate us, followed by my brother Bryan. He made this day into a happier one and honoring my father.

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