Marissa and Nick

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How We Met

It all started about 3 years ago when I became friends with my college resident hall assistant. I lived on a co-ed floor in a dorm and my RA was named Jeff. Jeff was a friendly guy, and a group of friends and I would often hang out with him in a study lounge doing homework late into the night. All the times I spent hanging out with Jeff, I constantly heard stories about his best friend, Nick. It got to the point where Jeff would tell stories about Nick and start off saying, “My best friend, Nick” and we kept telling him “Jeff, we know who Nick is!” I didn’t know Nick, but I knew who he was, and at the time didn’t think anything of him other than he was Jeff’s friend.

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While home on a weekend, I was snap chatting Jeff and some other friends from school. Nick started appearing in some of Jeff’s snaps. He then added me on Snapchat. We communicated on Snapchat for a while before he gave me his phone number and we started texting and communicating a bit more frequently. Nick is a funny, sweet-hearted guy; and I couldn’t get enough of talking to him. We finally decided we needed to meet. Nick came to visit Jeff for the weekend, took me out on our first date to brunch at IHOP and we hit it off. We spent college long distance dating since he lived in Ohio and I lived in Indiana, but We got to see each other on weekends.

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how they asked

Now, we have been together almost 3 years and I’m head over heels in love with Nick. I fell for him fast, and he showed me in a big way that he had fallen for me too when he got down on one knee and proposed at Niagara falls! He proposed on November 25th, 2017 in front of one of the most beautiful wonders of the world, a crowd of clapping people, and his family.

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I had been hinting that I would be happy to be engaged and sending him ring pics I found on Pinterest. We also had talked about being married several times. Regardless, he still caught me off guard when on a trip with his family and his mom was taking a picture of us in front of the falls. I was shocked and thrilled. I’m so happy to spend forever with the love of my life!

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