Marissa and Neto

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How We Met

Being in a long-distance relationship is tough but being able to travel to amazing places to see each other is one of the perks! Neto and I have been dating for over 6 years, of which 4 of those have been long distance. We knew one day we would settle in the same city and have our happily ever after.

how they asked

After over a month of not seeing each other, Neto and I went to Peru for his 30th birthday. On the morning of the hike to Machu Picchu, I noticed Neto was a little off, and jittery. When we hiked to the top of Machu Picchu, the first thing I wanted to do was to take pictures together, and he hesitated and said, “No, let’s go higher. The picture will be better”. So, then we went up a couple of stairs, and I was ready for my pictures, and he said to go higher again. By the third time we had gone up the stairs to see another great view of Machu Picchu below, Neto had been pacing back and forth taking pictures in every angle imaginable. Being the photographer that he is, it was normal for him to insist on the “perfect” shot.

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Then we found a spot that was more private, and we asked a random woman to take us a bunch of pictures. Neto asked me to go on one side of Machu Picchu and him on the other so that the Mountain was in the middle of us. I thought it was a strange pose, but I kept smiling at the camera. One click later, Neto gets on one knee and starts crying! He struggled to form words, but he finally asked, “Will you marry me?” and I of course crying at that moment said YES!

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After the proposal, we asked our tour guide to give us 20 minutes to go to a quieter spot on top of Machu Picchu to take it all in and call our family members. We managed to facetime both our parents and siblings with great phone reception at 9:30 AM on a Sunday. The rest of the day, Neto and I rode on a high and eventually our faces hurt from smiling so much.

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To the girl who took our proposal shots, you had no idea what was coming and you took the most amazing photographs! I hope we meet again!

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