Marissa and Mike

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How We Met

Mike and I were both Camp Counsellors for different day camps in our hometown and met one day at a social with all the counsellors. The minute I saw Mike, I was already head over heels and did everything I could to talk to him. I had brought a guy friend with me to this social, who Mike assumed was a boyfriend or someone I was seeing casually. He told me later than when he got home, he told his friends that he didn’t care who that guy was- he had to get to know me. After eventually getting each other’s phone numbers, we began to talk and well- the rest is history.

how they asked

In August 2015, Mike and I were about to celebrate our 7 year anniversary so we planned a camping trip with a few of our close friends to beautiful Tobermory, Ontario. Leading up to the weekend, I teased Mike and asked when I was getting the ring. He laughed, and told me it wasn’t on his radar and thought that a proposal should happen with just the two of us, not with our friends around. I was disappointed, but understood and was so excited to spend our anniversary weekend in a beautiful place. When we arrived at Bruce Peninsula National Park on August 15, after setting up our camping gear, my friends decided we should go on a walk and decide what trail we wanted to hike the following day. I was hesitant to go as Mike’s sister hadn’t arrived to the campsite yet, but eventually gave in. We arrived at one of the trail heads and began to walk down it and then all of a sudden I can hear the faint sound of a guitar. We walk a little further and I notice a little area setup with a blanket, basket of champagne, tissue poms and Mike’s sister and brother-In-law with guitar and camera in hand. I still hadn’t clued in at this point (I thought it was an anniversary picnic) and was looking at a picture framed of my parents and Mike’s. Suddenly, I felt Mike grab my hand and as I turned, he got down on one knee.

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His brother-in-law sang and played guitar softly in the background as the man of my dreams asked me to be his wife. Of course, I said YES! I couldn’t have imagined a moment or a person more perfect for me.

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Special Thanks

Carianne Sherriff
 | Photographer
Claire Louise
 | Photographer (Engagement Photos)