Marissa and Michael

Where to Propose in Point Pelee National Park

How We Met

Michael and I met in high school through a mutual friend in Grade 9. He was talking to my best friend in the hallways about another girl he was dating at the time and my first thought was “wow, his eyes are gorgeous.” We only saw each other in passing until Grade 10 when we had the same science class together, he sat in front of me and we quickly became best friends! We would text each other constantly and I immediately fell hard for him but he was still dating another girl.

Fast forward to December of Grade 11 when he and his ex had broken up a couple of months prior and he asks me to go out for lunch with him – I, of course, say yes because I’ve had a crush on this guy for a year! We hung out only once after that and began dating – 6 years later and still just as in love!!

How They Asked

Michael and I had been talking about marriage and planning our wedding for 5 years and I would tease him about still not proposing. He would always shrug it off and assure me it would happen – he wanted to make sure we were financially able and we were really young!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Point Pelee National Park

On October 13, 2018, we decided to go to Point Pelee National Park for a nice day out. Point Pelee is one of our favorite places and we go there as often as we can! He had been asking me what my favorite trails were or my favorite spots so part of me felt that maybe this was the day!

Once we got out there he had his binoculars to look at the birds so I figured this was just another birding outing! We walked around most of the park for a lot of the day just enjoying each other’s company. We finally came to my favorite trail – the Delaurier Homestead. This trail is right next to a beautiful old log cabin and goes into the woods.

Once we came onto the boardwalk, Michael asked me to hold his backpack so he could fix his shoe – I was busy looking out onto the water. He asked if I could grab something for him out of the front pocket of the backpack and if you haven’t guessed, it was the ring box! I handed it to him while I was already sobbing and he asked for me to marry him!! I obviously said yes! A family walked by and actually offered to take our picture but I was a crying mess! We spent the rest of the day driving around the county telling friends and family!