Marissa and Maciej

How We Met

 Maciej and I met in an accelerated BSN nursing program. Picture above is from our graduation dinner from the program when our families happened to sit at the same table. We were friends throughout school and remained in touch afterwards. When I got my job offer Maciej found out and wanted to take me out for a celebratory drink. We hung out for drinks and haven’t stopped hanging out since.

Marissa's Proposal in Long Branch Beach

how they asked

Since we moved in together last July (and even before that) I’ve been begging Maciej for a puppy. One Sunday we went out for one of our “date nights” to my favorite seafood restaurant down the shore. Even though it was October it was a beautiful day so afterwards I suggested we go for a walk on the beach. We ran into a puppy on the beach with it’s owners and of course started to play with the most adorable puppy. A couple minutes later Maciej looked up at me and said “What if I told you this was your dog?” I thought it was another joke and said “What are you talking about?” in my typical sarcastic way. He told me to read the puppy’s nametag and started to back away. As I bent down I read the nametag: “I know you love me know but will you marry my daddy?”. At this point Maciej was down on one knee in the sand with a ring box opened asking me to marry him. I only remember this part from the pictures as I was too overjoyed to have a working body or mind at the time. Next he told me to look at the camera as he had a photographer capturing the entire thing..from us walking on the beach to me saying yes to spending my life with him. Now with our new addition Olaf we are a happy family of 3!

Marissa and Maciej's Engagement in Long Branch Beach

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