Marissa and Leon

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Leavenworth, wA

How We Met

Junior year, the first day of school, 8 AM community policing class, this cute but silly guy sat behind me. We clicked, but according to me just as friends, Leon had other plans. A few months went by of study dates (yes, we ACTUALLY studied), college kickbacks, late-night ice cream runs, and going to church together. One day he finally asked me out but I told him I wanted to focus on me and not date till I finished my degree. Being a gentleman, he said ok and kissed me on the forehead. I MELTED.. a month later he asked me to be his girlfriend, and its been a wildly fun ride ever since.

How They Asked

Leon planned a trip for us and 8 of our friends to his family cabin in Leavenworth one weekend in December. Leavenworth holds a special place in my heart because its where he asked me to be his girlfriend, so I was hoping for a romantic weekend for two. Although we had talked about it for some time, having the other pals there I had convinced myself that he wouldn’t be proposing. We had dinner, and he was acting weird buying everyone a round of shots and hurrying us along. I really wanted fudge but he wouldn’t let us stop.

Proposal Ideas Leavenworth, wA

Once we got to the spot in the park where he had asked me to be his girlfriend three years prior, he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I actually stepped back and said no because I was so in shock at the moment. Leon had to say “its the real deal baby!” for me to start crying and say an emphatic YES!

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