Marissa and Josh

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How We Met

June 2015: When Marissa was working for AEPhi, a bug was put into her ear by her supervisor at AEPhi National Convention to meet a cute ZBT staff member who “loves musicals and is super Jewey”. Marissa’s supervisor said he was so great that he’d either be her best friend or they’d fall in love. Marissa was hopeful but doubted it would be love since she’d never had that kind of luck with guys. Little did she know, that supervisor put the same bug in Josh’s ear that he had to meet a cute AEPhi staff member when they were all together in Indianapolis.

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July 20, 2015: Josh was on his way to Kilroy’s in Indianapolis with David to meet the new AEPhi staff members. He had been working all day and really didn’t feel like going out, but David insisted. While approaching Kilroy’s, the only parking spots were parallel parking spots. Frustrated by not being great at parallel parking, Josh was ready to turn back. Lucky for him, David stepped in and parallel parked for Josh. The ZBT guys were at Kilroys for a while, waiting for the new AEPhi girls to come. Time went by, and they still hadn’t shown up! Josh was annoyed because he was excited to meet the new girls – especially the cute girl who loved musicals, Marissa. Just as Josh was ready to leave, the AEPhi girls walked into Kilroys. Marissa and Josh’s eyes met and it was love at first sight. They immediately gravitated towards each other and didn’t stop talking the whole night! Josh knew it was fate when he asked Marissa what she wanted to drink and she said “Jack and Diet Coke” – whiskey girl! The connection was instant, and they knew it was something special.

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how they asked

Josh and Marissa share a love for musical theater – Josh was a theater major in college and works part-time for the AT&T Performing Arts Center, and Marissa did theater all through middle school and high school. Some of their favorite dates are going to see musicals, especially their first musical date at Jersey Boys – Josh’s first visit to Dallas. Fast forward 2 years later, Jersey Boys came back to Dallas! Marissa and Josh knew they wanted to see it again and to reminisce on their first real date. It was decided that Marissa and Josh were going to see the show on May 26 – that’s when Josh told Marissa he was able to get tickets. Little did Marissa know that Josh had the whole day planned to the T way ahead of time!

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Josh told Marissa that his boss was letting them take a backstage tour after the show. They’d done this before with other shows, and Marissa was excited to once again see how cool backstage is. The show was great and Marissa and Josh danced along throughout the performance. They shared reassuring hand squeezes and smiles during their favorite songs, especially “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”. After the show was over, they headed to the Box Office where they were greeted by the Assistant Tour Manager and were taken backstage.

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They toured the set and costumes and asked the Assistant Tour Manager lots of questions about behind the scenes. All of a sudden, she showed Marissa and Josh to the stage and there were their families in the front row -cameras out! Josh took Marissa’s hand and guided her to Center Stage where he told her he couldn’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her and got down on one knee. Through sobs and laughter, Marissa immediately said yes!

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