Marissa and Jonathan


How We Met

Jon and I were beginning our Junior year in college when a band named, Krewella, was planned to play at our University. A week before their concert, we were setting up for a social that night between his fraternity and my sorority which is where we first met and began talking about their concert. I was a big fan of their music and Jon had a connection to get back stage passes to meet them so he told me if I get 3 other friends to buy a ticket he will be able to get me back stage. Little did I know he was going to give me a pass regardless. Jon said this was his excuse to have a reason to keep talking to me. We had a blast at the concert and hung out for awhile after. We didn’t start dating until months after the concert. The rest is history ;)

how they asked

About 5 months before our big Europe trip that we had been planning for almost 2 years, I knew I wanted to propose there to Marissa. I was searching all over Instagram to find photographers to capture the special moment and ideas of a romantic location with minimal tourists and romantic. After reaching out to multiple photographers, I finally found Gabi (@GabiAlvesPhotography). I reached out to her explaining what I was wanting her to capture.

I wanted her to be behind the scenes to capture raw emotion without Marissa knowing someone was taking pictures of us. I told her I wanted to do it at Trocadero which has a beautiful view of the eiffel tower and she agreed this was a great spot. We agreed on 7am to make sure tourists were not there and for perfect lighting. From there she guiding me through each step to make sure everything went smoothly. She took pictures of where she would be hiding and of the tape on the ground of where I should guide Marissa to be on WhatsApp.

We even had a signal of us taking a selfie on the GoPro to let Gabi know I was about to propose. On the way there I was very anxious, after months of planning this it was finally here! I was trying to act calm so Marissa wouldn’t think something was up on the way there. Once we got to Trocadero we immediately walked to the spot that I knew was marked. I got our GoPro out and took a selfie. Initially I planned to take more photos and hang around more but Marissa insisted we move closer to the edge to get more photos with the Eiffel tower. Knowing this would take us out of the spot we needed to be in I grabbed her hand as she was about to walk away and got down on one knee.


Marissa was so shocked and confused what was going on. We both were tearing up during the proposal and after I put the ring on and she said yes, we embraced each other.


Shortly after, Gabi popped out of the bushes showing us all the pictures she just took and said we are going to be going on a little photoshoot throughout Paris! Marissa was over the moon when she found out I hired a photographer and all the planning I put into this special moment.


Everything worked out so perfectly I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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