Marissa and Greene

Marissa's Proposal in Chambord, France

How We Met

I had just graduated from college and moved back home when I started working for my state’s toll operations department. The building housed two other departments besides mine which led to us crossing each other’s path just shy of Christmas Day. I was actually in the middle of a bad breakup so he became a friend I would vent to, hang out and just enjoy each other’s company. It was after a couple of times of hanging he said we should go on a date to things where things go. It was amazing but I had second thoughts and actually tried to end things. Greene was not giving up that easily and insisted I give him another chance. A few months of dating we became officially boyfriend and girlfriend while on a 4th of July trip to Jacksonville in 2017. After that, we dated happily for 2 and a half years up until the engagement.

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How They Asked

We have an obsession with Beauty and the Beast and discovered that the castle inspiration for the movie laid in the Loire Valley of Chambord, France. We planned our trip starting 2018 December and flew off to our Parisian vacation in September of 2019. Little did I know this was way more than a visit to the chateau and would actually be the beginning of our forever story. Our first day spent in France we made the trek to Chambord. It was a bit chilly, but the site of the chateau was beautiful and so breathtaking it was like staring at a painting.

The chateau was celebrating 500 years of existence and Greene thought it would be a good idea to do a video explaining the reason for the trip. We set up the camera and tripod and he had me turn around and said: “ don’t move till I tell you to.” Typically I was impatient wanting to explore more of this beautiful place. After a couple of moments, I heard him closely behind and then he said turn around. On one knee with the most beautiful pearl ring I have ever seen, he asked if I would marry him. It took a few moments for me to officially say it being overcome with emotions but of course, I said YES!!!! I even asked if he was sure haha. ( a girl’s gotta know) That day was like straight out of a fairytale and I could relive it forever and ever. I had found my Beast and me his Beauty.

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