Marissa and Gerard

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How We Met

We met in elementary school. I actually had a little crush on Gerard in 5th grade but I kept it a secret haha. He then started to like me in high school (even though I had a boyfriend lol) and we became good friends. We lost touch for a little bit after high school but then found each other again during college and have been going strong ever since.

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how they asked

We were down the shore in OCMD with Gerard’s family for the week. We go every year and always stay in a big house with everyone. One thing we like to do is have one night to ourselves and go on a date. Gerard gave me a few choices and let me pick the restaurant this year so I didn’t think anything of it.

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We went to Fager’s Island to eat seafood and look at the water. After dinner we took a nice walk on the water then headed back to the car. Fager’s Island is a restaurant and a hotel and Gerard pulled up to the hotel and jokingly said “surprise, it’s ours for the night” I laughed because I didn’t think he was serious.. but he convinced me to walk up to the place and he surprisingly had a key to the room.

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The room was gorgeous! OMG there were rose petals and candles all over the place, along with a smore’s bar, champagne, chocolate, a bathtub overlooking the water, gifts from our families and so much more. It seriously looked like something from a movie. I was so overwhelmed and excited about everything and that’s when he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Like I said, I was so excited and overwhelmed that I blacked out the entire moment so naturally I made him re-do the proposal!

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We spent the rest of the night opening the gifts, calling our families and really enjoying the moment together. The next morning we had breakfast in our room then went back to the house. His family surprised us with a fully decorated house and a party. The best part about the day was my mom surprised me by showing up and bringing our fur baby Koa. I couldn’t believe it! I later found out that my mom had been at the house the whole night before and went with Gerard’s sisters to decorate the hotel (this meant so much to me that they all did this for us). The surprises continued…later that night my dad and step-mom showed up all the way from Florida. Gerard’s brother-in-law picked them up on his boat and pulled them up to the doc and they popped up to surprise me!

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We spent the rest of the night partying then the next day we went to the beach and relaxed. Then we took the ferry to Cape May to celebrate with my whole extended family. My mommom, aunts. uncles and cousins were all there and it was really special. It was a weekend we will never forget!!

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