Marissa and Eric

how we met

We met while Marissa was finishing her Psychology degree at Florida Atlantic University and Eric was in his Master of Public Administration program at FAU. We both had mutual friends and Eric decided to reach out to Marissa one day and see if she wanted to go on a date.

how they asked

Eric had planned the proposal to take place on a party boat in Key West. We had headed down there last May and there was a terrible storm the entire time we were down there. Eric on the day that the proposal was to take place, decided last minute to switch up his plan. Luckily the weather around 5-6pm that night of May 14th had cleared up after days of continuous rain. Eric had rented the nicest room with a balcony at “The Southern Most House” a room where 5 U.S. presidents stayed along with Hemingway and Edison. Marissa and Eric watched what they could see of the sunset off the dock in front of the house. It was a beautiful sunset. Eric and Marissa then went up on the balcony and opened a bottle of red wine and listened to Dave Matthews. After Eric built up enough liquid courage got down on one knee and asked Marissa if she would marry him. He thinks she said yes, but could only make out the tears and head nodding up and down. He hopes she shows on the big day.

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Lover's Key State Park
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