Marissa and Edward

how we met

Ed and I met on a dating app. We both swiped right and after a month of texts and phone calls we decide to meet. It was the best date I’ve ever had! Ed took me to a Mexican Restaurant, we had tacos and lots of margaritas. What more can a Mexican girl ask for?!

how they asked

Rick, my brother in law, had a plan to surprise my sister with a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico for her 30th birthday. My sister and I both have birthdays in February, so I thought that it would be a great trip to celebrate with her and spend time with everyone for our birthdays, but the main focus was on my sister. Fast forwarding to the trip, my sister (Paola) and brother in law (Rick) arrived to Los Cabos an hour earlier than us, so by the time we got to the hotel they were already at the pool and we surprised my sister who was so happy and shocked to see us. In my head thinking that it was the highlight of the trip, I was extremely happy as we had pulled off the big surprise. Little did I know that 2 days later the bigger surprise was for me. Ed had mentioned a few days into our trip that he had something special planned for my birthday, dinner and drinks I thought. It was a big surprise, all I knew was that I had to be ready by 3:00 pm. We took a taxi to the Marina and waited until we boarded, El Enamorado, “Your Lover” in Spanish. A breathtaking dinner cruise that was waiting for us and other people to board. I didn’t think twice about it as the last time Ed and were in Cabo we did a tour on a sail boat so I thought it was going to be around the same experience with a way nicer boat and open bar! As we walked on board the crew guided my sister and I to the front of the boat where there was a section of the boat that was reserved for us. There were balloons and a card that was printed for me which said Happy Birthday Marissa! Thinking that it was Mexico and everything you want can be done, I did not think twice about it. We sat down and enjoyed a couple drinks. As the boat got around the famous Cabo arches there was a photographers for the boat taking pictures of the arch’s and another taking pictures of the people behind us, again me thinking its a tour so they take pictures and at the end of the trip they sell them to you as a souvenir had no clue what was about to happen. As soon as the boat got in front of lovers beach I was standing and asked my sister to take a picture of Ed and I. Ed got up for the picture put his arm around me and whispered in my ear, I have something for you and as soon as you’re finished reading let me know. He pulled out a picture of a Saint that ive been devoted to for some time, on the back he wrote an amazing message telling me that he knew I was the one. When I finished reading he asked if I was done and I shook my head and said, yes. Ed got down on one knee and pulled out a wooden box, that wooden box belongs to my brother in law, Ed use the same box that Rick use to propose to my sister Paola. As he got on one knee he asked, Marissa would you marry me? As soon as I saw that bling I just grabbed it without even thinking. He laughed and asked, is that a Yes?! and I said yes! I was extremely surprised and didn’t see it coming. We had an amazing dinner and more drinks and did I mention more drinks?! hahaha! As we were stepping down off the boat there was a band of mariachi waiting for us and singing one of our favorite songs, I cant help falling in love by Elvis Presley. That’s how he planned to close the night with an amazing dance to the most romantic song. And just when I thought that there were no more surprises, when we got back to the hotel our room was decorated with roses and champagne. I thought this was only true in the movies. He pulled it all off and he did an amazing job. We want to give special thanks to Pamela from Look at me Brides the coordinator of this event that was able to make Ed’s vision a realty as well as Julieta from Photo by Julieta who Ed hired to capture our special moment. Julieta took breathtaking pictures that we will cherish forever. Mariachi Cabo for a great job playing our song and last but not least, Tu Enamorado crew for an amazing trip and service that we will never forget.

Special Thanks

Photo By Julieta
 | Photography
Look at me Brides
 | Event Planner
Tu Enamorado
 | Venue