Marissa and Christian

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How We Met

I never imagined I would meet my future husband at 16 years old. But somehow at 16, I knew I would love him forever. I was a sophomore and he was the senior I had a major crush on. It wasn’t long after flirtatious texts and a couple dates that we became inseparable. We dated for about a year and a half before he made a personal choice to serve a two year mission for our church. He served in Philadelphia and the only contact I had with him was through letters, and a phone call twice a year on Mother’s day and Christmas.

It was the hardest most rewarding two years of both of our lives. I finished out my high school career and did my best to write him weekly. We never imagined just how much we would grow those two years. I was able to move away and go to school for a year, and he learned a new language and discovered what it was like on his own in completely new areas. When he returned we picked up where we left off and dated 3 more years.

how they asked

Anyone that knows my Fiancé Christian knows just how stubborn he is. He is the most selfless hard working person, and loves his family more than anything! In our home town dating 7 years is not the norm. Lets just say neither of us could hold a conversation with without being asked ” WHEN ARE YOU GUYS GETTING MARRIED?” My family adores Christian but they also started to wonder when this wedding was ever going to happen. For Chris and I getting married was never a question. I think we started to enjoy all the fuss ;) Obviously in the back of my mind I started to get a little impatient.

Christmas 2015 Christian surprised me with a trip to Italy in April 2016. I was blown away. I had wanted to go to Venice since high school and it was a dream come true! I am a hairstylist and talk to my clients about life all day long. This trip was highly anticipated and obviously all of my clients told me this was THE trip I was going to get engaged. No one knew Christian like i knew him. The Christian I knew would never want to propose to me somewhere that everyone expected him to. I had a hope it would happen but didn’t think he would pull the trigger. Italy was finally here and each day of the 10 day trip came and went with no ring!

I was certain he wasn’t proposing. If we was going to I knew he would do it in Venice. Never happened. We were lucky enough to add a day trip to Paris on one of our last days of the trip. I wondered if possibly this could be the day? Although I was still convinced he had no ring and this wasn’t happening. Christian didn’t even tell my sister and her Husband that were on the trip with us that he would propose. Even my sister was worried it was not going to happen and tried to prep me for the disappointment. The only person that knew was my Dad back home.

Little did I know Christian had asked for my hand in marriage the night before the trip. We arrived in Paris with our luggage on our back because this would only be a day trip. Christian had the idea that my sister and her husband could wait below the Eiffel Tower with our luggage, while we took a peek up top. I thought nothing of it. We made the treck to the very top of the Tower. Christian seemed so calm and just himself.

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We took some pictures and admired the View. As I was looking out at the breathtaking views I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to Christian on one knee. “Marissa Sue Madsen, will you marry me?” Christian finally popped the question. I was shocked! It felt surreal. I was finally going to Marry my high school sweetheart. It was the most special and intimate moment. I will never forget it.

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I thought I could predict Christian’s every move but he thoughtfully planned out the biggest surprise of my life.

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