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We went on a cruise to Alaska with Christian’s family. We decided to get up there a few days before we boarded the ship to explore Alaska a little bit. We decided to visit and tour Denali National Park. On the day of the tour, we had to wake up at 5:00 am and drive three hours to the park. It was freezing, and I was not prepared for the long day ahead of us. Although I was tired, I was so excited for the tour and looking forward to seeing everything.

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The tour had multiple stops in which Christian and I would depart the bus and site see for a little while. While we were approaching the last stop, I noticed a trail that would lead us closer to the mountains, away from the visitor center. I told Christian that I wanted to hike down to see the amazing views. Christian immediately agreed to hike down, which was surprising since he is not the biggest fan of hiking. When we arrived at the visitor center, we lost Christian for about 5 minutes. He finally found us and we all began hiking down to the end of the trail.

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We reached the end of the trail, and Sarah offered to take a picture of us. We put all of our belongings down and started to walk to a spot for the picture. I wasn’t facing Christian at this time, but as I turned around to take the picture, Christian got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!

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