Marissa and Brennan

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How We Met

Brennan and I met through my best friend during my junior year of college. I was fighting on the phone with an old boyfriend when Brennan comes to the door, looking for my roommate (and best friend). He was taking her on a date. I remember thinking he was waaay cute and super nice, but didn’t think much else because, well, I had a boyfriend. Several months down the line, me and said boyfriend broke up. As most girls do in such a situation, I hopped back on Tinder to get a little confidence boost, since the breakup left me feeling down in the dumps. Within my first few minutes of tindering, I found Brennan! I remembered how cute and nice he was to me, so I obviously swiped right. Come to find out, he swiped right on me too and a day later, his first message landed in my inbox. Several days of flirtations later, he asked me on our first date and while it took us both a while to come to our senses, we realized we were actually perfect for each other, and we literally just couldn’t stay away. Love is a magical thing. (And thank goodness for hot friends that bring around hot guys for you to pick up!)

how they asked

Brennan talked about getting married for a while. We had gone to look at rings once or twice, and though I showed him what I liked, we didn’t leave having made any decisions. A few months down the line, we planned a double vacation: a few days out in Minnesota with my family, and a few days at Lake Powell with his. The morning before we left for Lake Powell, in Brennan walks with my dad. It doesn’t take a scientist to guess what happened at that breakfast, but I knew he didn’t have the ring so I figured he was just getting ahead of things. We get to Lake Powell in the late afternoon, and his mom informs us that we will be taking family pictures up at Horseshoe Bend at sunset that evening. After dinner, everyone changed into nicer clothes and we made our way to our cars to drive 10 minutes to the Bend. By the time we had made it to our car, everyone had left us. We had been texted a link but it wasn’t working, and Brennan had been growing increasingly frustrated. I was SO confused as to why he was getting so mad. I remember thinking to myself that it’s only family pictures, and that we could just take them tomorrow night if we missed the sunset. But he was insistent that we make it, so we eventually found it, just 10 minutes to sunset. It was a small walk to the rim of the canyon, but we hurried our way over, knowing the whole family was waiting for us. We begin taking pictures, as a big group, and eventually break out into couples. The family calls out my name, so I step in next to Brennan, with the beautiful overlook behind us, to take our picture. It was right after the cameras went silent, that Brennan pulled away from me and slowly dropped down to one knee, ring box in hand.

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His words were short and sweet, and I’ll always remember them: “Marissa Hadley, I love you and I want to spend forever with you. Will you marry me?” It was the easiest yes I’ve ever given.

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Special Thanks

Brock Neilson
 | photographer