Marissa and Benjamin

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How We Met

Five years ago, I was getting ready for work, rushing around the house because I was running late. At the last second, I spilled water all over my shirt and had to change. Frantically, I grabbed my high school powderpuff football shirt and took off for work. I worked at an ice cream shop on Cape Cod where I served hundreds of people a day. An hour before closing, I was sweeping up the floor when Ben and his family walked in. He and his dad were talking because they noticed the shirt that I was wearing. Oddly enough, Ben was the class president at the high school we both attended, but we never knew each other. As part of the powderpuff game he organized, he designed and sold those t-shirts. When Ben came over to introduce himself to me I instantly got an overwhelming feeling that I had never felt before.

I knew that he was the one for me. Now usually I was super shy around guys and I was was never very outgoing, but when I was talking with Ben it was like I was transformed into a completely different person. After we finished talking, we exchanged numbers and have been together ever since. I owe all I have to that one silly mistake while getting ready for work.

how they asked

On August 13th, 2016 Ben took me out to dinner with family. The restaurant that he took me to on our first date. After dinner everyone wanted ice cream so we went to Somerset Creamery. As we walked in, I noticed my mom and dad were there and they were supposed to be at another party with their friends. As we made it through the line, I saw a few of my friends that had worked there in years past were also showing up. At that point, Ben pulled me aside and asked me to marry him in the exact spot where we had met 5 years before in the same ice cream shop.

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We didn’t get any ice cream that day, and Ben didn’t order any on the first day we met; though at the end of the day, we both agreed we got more than we ever thought from that little ice cream shop.

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