Marissa and Austin

How We Met: Austin and I are students at the University of Arizona. I ran into a close friend from high school in the library on campus and after chatting with her for 30 minutes and completely ignoring Austin, he introduced himself to me. Little did I know he would be my husband. Later on that day, we found each other on Facebook and a couple of days later, we went on our first date, Starbucks. Austin tells me he knew I was the one when he found out we chewed gum the same way. We have shared many dates and milestones together all while falling in love.

Image 1 of Marissa and Austin

how they asked: The day before he proposed, the secret was spilled and I found out that he was going to propose Friday, June 19. Austin was upset that I had found out so I knew the proposal wasn’t going to happen for a while. After work on June 18, he had called to tell me to get dressed because we were going out to dinner. Completely clueless, I got ready and wasn’t expecting anything to happen. As we are driving he tells me we are going to dinner closer to his parents’ house, but we continued to pass streets and I realized we weren’t going to dinner. At this point, Austin tells me to look in his lockbox of his car, I pull out a personalized jewelry box that says “I love you”. He tells me to open it and I pull out a pouch, he tells me I can’t open it yet but that the gift is broken and can be fixed. Still confused, we start driving up to Mt. Lemmon. At this point I figured I was going to open something special at our pull off at Mt. Lemmon (the same pull off where he asked me to be his girlfriend).

Image 2 of Marissa and Austin

Once we get to our spot, I open the pouch and I pull out a bracelet that has a infinity loop and a small tag that says “I love you, MLS” (S standing for Austin’s last name initial). Still confused, Austin says “this is where you stand up” and at this point I realize he’s proposing! He explains that the bracelet is “broken” because it has the ‘S’ on it, but it can be fixed if I do him the honor of marrying him, and of course I said yes! Thankfully, Austin planned for my brother to hide behind some rocks near our spot so that we would have pictures :)