Marissa and Austin

How We Met

I met Austin my freshman year of high school when I transferred into his history class and he sabotaged my work. I asked my best friend who that “cute guy” was and she informed me he was taken (she didn’t even tell me his name!). So from then on, I had a crush on him from a distance. We started spending more time together, however, he ended up moving away. When he moved back to Washington he went to a different school.

Marissa's Proposal in Chihuly Garden and Glass

Proposal Ideas Chihuly Garden and Glass

We wounded up in the same youth ministry and picked up where we left off. One night my plans fell through, Austin quickly jumped on the fact that I was free for the night and asked me on our first date. Throughout our friendship, we would always go to a park in Austin’s hometown and spend time together. When it came time for him to ask me to be his girlfriend in January 2015 he brought me to that same park. The rest is history!

Marissa and Austin's Engagement in Chihuly Garden and Glass

how they asked

Austin and I had talked about getting engaged in December 2017 for a long time. One weekend in November I was planning to attend an event out of town which conveniently fell through. My best friend offered to make a girls day out of it! I stayed the night at her house and woke up ready to go to breakfast-little did I know she was not the one I would be going out with. Right before we walked out the door there was a knock. All eyes were on me as I opened the door to find Austin (who was supposed to be working all day) ready to go to breakfast. Acting like this was the plan all along he casually said “Okay, so you’re ready! Let’s go to breakfast!” I was led to the car and we were sent on our way. During the car ride to my favorite breakfast joint, he would not stop playing with the buttons on the dash, and I knew something was up.

We had a delicious breakfast over the most awkward, nervous conversation. He then took me to my house to finish getting ready. We didn’t have a key so Austin courageously broke in. After we were ready we drove to Seattle and he took me to the Chihuly Garden and Glass museum-where we celebrated our first anniversary. When we were there back in 2016 I mentioned it would be so incredible to be proposed to there. As we entered the last room all the people parted and it was just him and I, in the middle of this glass room. I spotted familiar faces but the only one I could focus on was Austin’s. He gave a heartfelt speech to me, and thankfully in the middle of it, he stumbled over his words up saying I make him a “better woman” which caused a laugh and relived some of the nerves-barely. He got down on one knee, asked me to be his wife, and gave me the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen. We were then flooded with our family and friends.

Immediately after the proposal, we had some pictures taken and then went to my mentor’s house where even more people were waiting to celebrate-including our former Pastor, who drove over an hour to attend. We ended the night back at that same park where it all began, just me and Austin. Dreaming about our future and thanking the Lord for how good He has been to us.

I have waited to marry Austin since I first saw him in history class. I could not be marrying a better man for me. He encourages me, pushes me to be a better person, and leads me closer to Jesus. He is the best person in my life and I am so thankful that Jesus has given him to me!

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