Marissa and Adriano

How We Met

Adriano and I went to high school together, but didn’t date. Our friends hung out with each other and some dated, so we knew each other. It wasn’t until after college that we met up and started dating. I had a rough week at work and wasn’t planning on going out when Friday came around. However, my friend dragged me out for a few drinks. I agreed, but definitely didn’t put on my best outfit. At the bar, our friends were all hanging out and there he was. I thought he was so cute and we just started talking. We have been dating ever since that night.

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how they asked

We have been dating 5 years and I’ve been wanting a proposal. However, I had said 3 things: it would never be done in public (Adriano doesn’t like attention), not on the 17th (because I wanted that number), and not on a week day because we work. Adriano totally got me by surprise. On December 17, 2015, our 5 year anniversary, I took the train into the city to meet him for his work holiday party. I met him in Penn Station and he was as calm as could be. Since he had eaten, I got some pretzels to hold me over before we got to the party. On our way to Times Square, where the party was, he was telling me the game plan. I thought it definitely wasn’t happening since he made this plan and it was raining. When we were rounding the corner for Times Square, we called his co- worker. When I heard him say his co- worker’s name, I knew for sure it wasn’t happening. We stood in Times Square waiting for his co- workers so that we could all head over to the holiday party together. He even said, “here they come” and I thought I saw one. All of the sudden, when he knew the cameras were in place, Adriano turned me around. He started telling me how much he loved me, what I meant to him, and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. He said my full name and then got down on one knee in the rain. He had my best friend and her fiancé, and his best friend and his fiancé taking pictures. We then went to a rooftop bar that looked over Times Square before going home to our families.

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