Marisol and Ryan

Marisol and Ryan's Engagement in Cancun, Mexico

How We Met

Ryan and I met through Tinder, the popular dating app, although our go to story is that we met a bar-Which is true since that was our first official date! The night of our date I texted a friend and told her that if I didn’t text her after a few hours that this “Tinder guy” had kidnapped me. We talked over a few drinks and ended the night with a sweet and innocent hug and went our separate ways. Over the next few months we got to know each other better and went on many dates. Those dates usually consisted of golf, line dancing, and of course Netflix! After months of dating, Ryan and I moved in together and got what every busy couple needs…a puppy! Taking a big step in our relationship I think we both knew we were meant to be. A few months later, Ryan surprised me with yet another puppy!! Roxy and Riley are what keep us going- literally! Two puppies running around our house makes it complete. Conversations always evolve to us talking about our puppies!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cancun, Mexico

how they asked

Our engagement took place in Cancun, Mexico while on family vacation with Ryan’s family. I could not have imagined a better place or scenery for the proposal. The day of the proposal Ryan’s mom said “be ready around 7 for family pictures down by the beach”. So as the day went Ryan kept complaining about the weather because it was rainy and cloudy…I just thought family pictures would still proceed another day! So after a day at the local aquarium and afternoon showers we got ready for what I thought was family pictures. Phone calls to our room were made about three times saying that Ryan’s sisters were still getting ready (as it rained)… Finally a call to our room was made saying that the rain had stopped and the girls were ready so down to the beach we walked. Ryan held my hand most of the way as we just had a casual conversation about the day and the weather. We were both happy it has stopped raining (Ryan more than I at this point). I had new shoes on so I told Ryan I would stand on the steps while he and his family took pictures… We got to the stairs which led to the beach and I kept asking Ryan where his parents were..he ignored me and just come on, come on…So new shoes on I stepped onto the sand and looked to my left where I saw his family. I stopped but Ryan insisted I keep walking. This was when I realized what was happening. We walked into a heart made out of candles with Marry Me written in red roses. I immediately felt the tears run as Ryan got down on one knee. Everyone, including spectators from their balcony cheered as I said yes to the man of my dreams.

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