Marisol and Adam

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How We Met

Marisol and Adam met on the dance floor. They were introduced by a mutual friend who recognized Adam from college. Along with some amazing eye contact and what became an inside joke about a dog named Oscar, Marisol and Adam shook their tails, feeling each other’s vibes and moving together like they’d danced that way for years. Both Marisol & Adam were recently out of a long-term relationship. Adam had just moved to Asheville from The Bay Area and Marisol was preparing to move to The Bay Area (to the exact same residential neighborhood in East Oakland to be exact). Neither was looking for a relationship but both recognized a serious spark that was like nothing they’d felt before. The night ended with a casual goodbye until Adam found Marisol on Facebook, asking her on a date. During the date, more chemistry was shared and a recognition of a soulful resonance related to how they worked, lived and most importantly, loved. After riding around on the handlebars of Adam’s bike to visit a life-sized rhinoceros in downtown that Marisol had never seen in her 12 years living in Asheville, Marisol ended the night by stating, “I don’t mean to freak you out, but I think I’m going to know you forever.” After deciding to be mutually exclusive a few months later, they opened a bank account together to afford travel back and forth to California where Marisol was still planning to move. Soon, that idea drifted into new ideas of living in Asheville and eventually moving away together. Four months after meeting on a visit to East Oakland, they secretly professed their desire to spend the rest of their lives together.

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how they asked

Thus ensued a plan to get engaged. Both Marisol and Adam, being dedicated to the idea of equality wanted to propose to each other. They picked a date and location for 6 months down the road and then didn’t talk about it again. Both went on their separate journeys to find rings for each other. Adam had his rings made for Marisol, the wedding band with diamonds from her grandmother’s watch. And Marisol designed a ring for Adam that came in two parts, one he would wear during their time of engagement and one he would add to on during the wedding. They took a trip to the coast where they stayed on a sailboat for the weekend and proposed to one another on Saturday night before dinner.

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They went to the beach, laid out a blanket and meaningful items they each brought from home. They read things they had written to one another while mama ocean came up to kiss their belongings and each proposed with a ring. A year and some months later, they were married with 199 of their best friends and family. Deciding to keep with the theme of equality, instead of Marisol taking Adam’s last name, they both changed their last name picking from the maternal side of Adam’s family. They took his mother’s last name which she has kept through her marriage to Adam’s father. And they are living happily ever after!

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