Marisa and Toby

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How We Met

Toby and I actually met online through eHarmony. I was on there for less than 24 hours and he was the first person that I talked to on there. Without knowing what he looked like, I took a chance and went to coffee with him two days after we had started texting. We met for coffee on July 10, 2016 and from there we kind of let this relationship take its course. We had our first official date on July 12th where Toby very bluntly told me that he had no intentions of dating around or pursuing anyone other than me. I was flattered and thought I would give it a try and I am SO thankful that I did. Toby possessed and still possesses all those qualities I had longed for in a man. Seeing that Toby travels for his job, the one thing he did from the very beginning and still continues to do(we’ll revisit this in the proposal story) he always writes me notes for each day he is gone so that I always have something to open. Our relationship has been one that has moved quickly, but I would not have wanted to meet Toby any other way. His smile is infectious and his heart of gold gives me life. I swore to myself I would never online date, but hey, don’t knock it until your try it :)

how they asked

Toby and I had just celebrated our 6 months on January 23rd and have always made it a priority to be open and communicate about marriage and a timeline. He had told me that the timeline we were kind of wanting to get engaged by, was not going to happen. A little bummed, I still knew he was who I wanted to spend forever with. Fast forward to the first week in February. I took off to Hawaii for a week with my parents to celebrate me finishing college. Like every other trip, Toby handed me a stack of notes each labeled with each day that I would be gone. I got to Hawaii on a Tuesday and little did I know that Toby would be flying out that Friday. My parents had told me that Friday night we would be going to dinner to celebrate my graduation and that we needed to be ready by 5:30 so we could take family photos together down by the water before our reservations at 6:00. Frustrated since I hadn’t talked to Toby all day (he said he was traveling for work), he had texted me and asked me if I had opened up the note for that day.

I had forgotten but he had told me that he forget to give me one for that day and that my dad had the note for that day, February 3rd. We had been walking down towards the ocean and I asked my dad for the note. As I began to open it, I saw the words that said, “turn around.”

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When I turned around, Toby was walking down the pathway and I couldn’t believe it. I had honestly thought he was just there for my last few days to visit since he had made it very clear that we weren’t going to get engaged for a while.

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As soon as he hugged me, he took my hand and asked me to come over to an area by the water and said all these really cute things (that I wish I remembered!), got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

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Not only had he flown out to Hawaii, completely surprised me, but Toby and I shared our first kiss that evening as well as exchanged the words I love you for the first time.

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Those were two things we genuinely valued and wanted to wait for. My parents had made reservations for just Toby and I for dinner and as we sat down for dinner, still completely in shock that he flew all the way from California to Hawaii, he pulled out his phone and let me know that he had contacted all of our closest friends and family and asked them to make a small video clip for a video he compiled together. To the man who literally flew all that way to spend less than 36 hours with me, to make sure I was his forever, I could not have ever dreamt up a better or more romantic proposal.

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