Marisa and Kyle

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How We Met

It’s kind of a crazy story… Kyle grew up in Portland, Oregon. In high school, he met Annamarie where they became friends (FOREVER). Later in life, Annamarie moved to San Diego, and Kyle eventually ended up in Denver. They talked on the phone all the time and visited each other. Enter Marisa. Marisa met Annamarie while they both worked at a school for kids with a range of disabilities. Soon, Marisa accepted a new position at a different site and for a year the two lost touch. During that year, Marisa developed her love for teaching middle school, and Annamarie developed her love by marrying her husband! Kyle was, of course, Annamarie’s Man of Honor. One year later. Annamarie and Marisa reunited one fateful day when she walked into a boxing gym where Annamarie was working. Their friendship and love rekindled, and soon they were inseparable. Marisa also soon learned she was not Annamarie’s only bestie. And Kyle soon learned of Marisa. Pyle, as he was in her phone, would call frequently and Marisa would intercept the phone to be able to chat with this cute boy she had recently learned about. However, it wasn’t as easy as that. Kyle visited a year later.

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Unfortunately, he had a girlfriend at the time…Marisa was still so excited to meet Kyle, that she brazenly declared, “You should be with me!” (cue embarrassed face). And he was definitely interested, but timing wasn’t right.. for the next year or so! They did exchange numbers, and Kyle pursued teaching. Time passed. Kyle became single. They texted back and forth making light-hearted plans to get together and go camping. Nothing became of them, and the book would have been closed had it not been for a near death accident. Summer 2014: Marisa fell down the cliffs of San Francisco. Kyle, who had just about given up on the idea of pursuing Marisa, heard and reached out. Marisa was touched. The book re-opened. Kyle had been asked to officiate a wedding in Denver (the groom was a mutual friend of Annamarie’s). After asking many times, Kyle FINALLY got Marisa to be his date (he told her he’d fly her out to which Marisa said, “Well then ya!). Reportedly, Annamarie told Kyle not to get his hopes up, and she told Marisa not to break Kyle’s heart. They agreed to simply have a fun friends weekend…

Marisa landed, and Kyle swept her off her feet. The minute she saw him she had butterflies. According to both of them, they knew they were in “trouble” immediately. That night at the rehearsal dinner, Marisa could feel herself “falling”. Friends of the couple asked Marisa and Kyle how long they had been together, to which they both giggled and said they were just friends. In the next few days, Marisa ditched her tickets home and extended her stay in Denver for one more day. They decided to see if long distance could really work, and it did. The rest, as they say, is history.

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how they asked

Marisa thought she was going home for Spring Break to be at Lara’s bridal shower while Kyle skied the newly snow dusted mountains in Colorado…little did she know Kyle had developed a master plan of deception and brilliance (beginning four months in advance) to propose to her in her hometown on the beach with their closest friend and family. Reportedly, Marisa had said she could never be surprised, to which Kyle thought to himself, ‘challenge accepted.’ Kyle dropped off Marisa at the airport in Denver. What she didn’t know was that he drove back to the airport an hour later to come to San Diego to propose! When Marisa landed in San Diego, Kyle sent her pictures of skiing in mountains (which were really his friend’s pictures).

That day, Marisa thought nothing of it when her mom took her to get her nails done and was worried about Marisa’s choice in color or when her mom told her what to wear for their dinner later that night. Marisa went to Lara’s bridal shower…meanwhile, Kyle was meeting up with his parents who had come to town for the proposal. Annamarie and Micheal picked Marisa up from Lara’s shower and secretly texted him every few minutes updates, at the same time trying to keep composure, while Marisa gabbed in the backseat. Meanwhile, Kyle was getting set behind rocks on the beach. He had also shipped a special bottle of wine he had been saving from the wedding he officiated…the wedding he had asked Marisa to be his date to…the wedding that brought the two lovebirds together. Ben and Russ, the grooms, had told him, “save this for something special.” Kyle contests that he knew that day that it would be opened if he every married the “dream girl.”

They got to the restaurant, and their table was situated right on the beach. Just gorgeous! As they started to order drinks, Marisa sent a selfie of her, her mom, and Annamarie to Kyle (she was reportedly jealous of Kyle shredding fresh powder). Kyle responded,”Remember that bottle of wine Ben gave me for helping with his wedding…the one he told me to save for a special occasion?” Marisa responded, “ didn’t open it…!” She recalls turning to Annamarie, perturbed. Annamarie, to continue the rouse, egged her on and suggested, “maybe he’s drunk!!” The next text came in from Kyle, ” I think I’d like to open it this eve…with you…on the beach.” As the table continued to talk, Marisa started to look around in a fog. “What?!What!?” she texted back. Slowly it hit.

He told her to head towards the rocks on the beach. In a surreal moment, Annamarie led her to the water to see her soon to be fiancee, dressed up, with a bottle of wine. She was so shocked. In fact, still on one knee, Kyle had to say, “So is that a yes?” And she did! As if that was not surprise enough, when they came back to the table, Kyle’s parents came up behind her. He had orchestrated the proposal to be at sunset, with the bottle of wine shipped, and both families there. A beautiful, sentimental evening, rich with love and laughter.

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