Marisa and Terry

Marisa and Terry's Engagement in Brooklyn Promenade

How We Met

Terry and I met at a bar in Brooklyn called Duck Duck. I told him I went to a Yankee’s game with his buddy and he told me I should have gone with him instead because I would have had a better time.

I told him that was a bold statement and laughed. Then we chatted for a bit exchanged Facebook info and he finally asked me out a week later. We have been together ever since. ♥️♥️♥️And have a puppy named Tulip.

how they asked

On our first date we walked along the beautiful Brooklyn Promenade and all on a sudden fireworks went off over the city. It was magical! And I asked Terry if he had planned it. Four years later this man with a heart of gold took me back to the very spot and asked to be his wife. We feel so blessed.

Special Thanks

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