Marisa and Rick

Where to Propose in In our living room

How We Met

Ricky and I met when I was 15 years old and he was 17, his best friend introduced us in our High school cafeteria and from there we have been together ever since, almost 9 years now!!! Still so hard to believe. We’ve been through many obstacles but in the end, it made us so much stronger! We finally moved in together over the past summer and have made ourselves our own little home.

How They Asked

I had a feeling something was up when he said, “Go get your nails done, it’s on me….” but I went ahead and tried not to think about it so much. I knew it was coming sooner than later because we’ve been together so long and we have talked about getting married many times in the past. That morning, my sisters took me to a pumpkin patch by my house and we got donuts and took silly pictures. We then left and went back to my apartment. At the time, Ricky said he had to go to his parents’ house to help them out with stuff and I thought he was still there since I didn’t see his car parked outside of our apartment. I decorated for Christmas early and so my sisters said they wanted to come in to see it decorated.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in In our living room

As I walked up to the door something felt weird and I opened the door to candles and rose petals everywhere, a hand made banner up with pictures of Ricky and I from when I was 15 till now, and our song, “Me & You” by Kenny Chesney playing in the background. I was so overwhelmed that I walked back out of our apartment and then my sisters pushed me back in. At that moment, my heart never felt so full. He got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him, and I said yes!!!!! Best day ever. After I was taken out to a late lunch where I walked into the restaurant and both of our families were there to surprise us with cake and champagne as well. I was blown away, and couldn’t stop admiring the ring on my finger. Again, it was the best day ever!!

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