Marisa and Peter

How We Met

Although we went to high school together, it wasn’t until our 20s that we started hanging out and seeing more of each other. We both lived down the shore (Sea Isle City, NJ) in the summer of 2015 and that is when everything began.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA

On June 1, 2015, we had our first kiss at the O.D (these pics are from that day!!). We bought a house together a couple of years after and rescued our best doggy friend, Nova.

Marisa and Peter's Engagement in Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA

How They Asked

He told me to clear my schedule for the night of June 1 to celebrate four years since we first kissed. I thought it was a super cute gesture and a nice night out, but nothing more. We went to our favorite restaurant, Saloon, and then walked around downtown Philly a bit. He told me there was a new dessert place we HAD to try. I insisted I didn’t need anything else in my stomach but he was convincing. We got out of the Lyft at Logan Square, a beautiful area of downtown Philly.

As we were walking, searching for this “ice cream place”, I was growing annoyed, while he was sweating profusely. Finally, I noticed a crowd moving away from the “AMOR” sign and he grabbed my hand while saying, “well, sorry but there is no ice cream”.

He had a photographer set up to capture our special moment and even planned an after-party with my closest friends. To say that he nailed it is an understatement. While the photography is breathtaking, I could NOT stop crying so the pictures are as candid as it gets. We’ll never forget that day.

Marisa's Proposal in Logan Square, Philadelphia, PA

Special Thanks

Adam Whitlatch
 | Photographer