Marisa and Mike

How We Met

Mike and I have known each other now for 4 years. We met through a mutual friend of ours in Seattle, WA, where we were both living at the time. We were at an event and our friend dragged us together to meet for the first time, where we exchanged phone numbers and decided that we would make some time to see each other at some point in the near future. The night I met him, I had no idea what it would turn into, but I’m so glad it did!

Image 1 of Marisa and Mike

how they asked

We had talked about what we were going to do for Christmas this year, and decided that in order to have one really special final memory of 2015 in our new city of Las Vegas, that we would go to a really beautiful dinner as his gift to me. I didn’t know where we were going, all I knew was to be ready at 4:30. In the morning we opened most of our gifts, and left a couple so that we could get some nice photos in front of the tree before we left for dinner. I went upstairs and got myself all dolled up for a great dinner on the Strip, and when I came downstairs, I was told to just sit tight until he came over to take the photo. During this time, Moosh, our dog, followed him away into his office, and when Mike came back for the photo…he looked so dapper and handsome. He set up the camera to take the photos, and as we posed, he remembered that there was a specific gift that he wanted me to open before we left for dinner. At this point I assumed maybe it was a necklace for me to wear with my outfit. I opened the box to find a beautiful green jewelry box, and inside, a note. This note stated that he would need Moosh’s help for a certain project, so I called Moosh over. He ran over, and was jingling the whole way. When I looked at him, I noticed that he had a sharp new collar on with a new name tag. Mike told me to look at his new jewelry, and when I picked him up to read it, on one side it said “Mom” and when I flipped it over, it said “Dad wants to know…” by the time that I was able to turn toward Mike, he was on one knee. All I could do was cry, nod my head, and then ask if he had talked to my parents, and if he was sure! I was so surprised, and best of all, it’s all on film!

Image 2 of Marisa and Mike