Marisa and Kyle


How We Met

Kyle and I have actually known each other since middle school, although we never spoke until college! I had always thought he was so cute and told myself several times I would muster up the courage to talk to him, but I was never quite able to. It wasn’t until one summer a mutual friend had a cook out and there he was. I can still remember gossiping with my now maid of honor talking about how badly I wanted to go up and talk to him. It was then that I finally asked myself, “What do I have to lose?” and the rest is history! After lots of laughs, major life events, and a house later, we will be celebrating our three years this August and are set to be married in October of 2017.



how they asked

Kyle proposed to me on my 23rd birthday. I had actually spent the entire day with my future mother in-law working on cabinets for our new home. I knew Kyle had said we had plans, but I had no idea what was in store for me as Kyle kept absolutely everything under wraps. I received a text message from Kyle early that afternoon stating, “Get a new dress, check in is at 4, dinner is at 7.” I promptly went to purchase a new dress and was ready to be picked up at 4. It wasn’t too long in to our drive that I realized we were heading to the Virginia Beach, Oceanfront where Kyle rented a room for the night at the Oceanaire Resort Hotel.

I began getting ready for our dinner reservation that took place at Salacia inside the Hilton! We had the most amazing dinner thanks to the delicious food and wonderful atmosphere. All night I continuously asked Kyle, “Why are you doing all this just for my birthday?” to which he would respond with, “Because I love you and you deserve it” but I still never caught on. After dinner we returned to our hotel room where Kyle asked if I was ready to open my present. He played some Michael Buble (my favorite) while I prepared to open my gift. Inside a wrapped box I found a sunglasses case, which is what I had asked for. Excitedly I began to open the sunglasses case, but instead of sunglasses I found a single ring box and out of the corner of my eye I see Kyle preparing to get down on one knee!


I instantly was flooded with tears to the point where I couldn’t even see, I just couldn’t believe it!


After I was able to stop crying and catch my breath, Kyle was able to let out, “Marisa, will you marry me?” We celebrated with champagne and chocolate covered strawberries that were delivered to our room soon after I said, “Yes!”


It was the most perfect moment that luckily I get to relive over and over because Kyle sneakily recorded the entire thing! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my better half.