Marisa and Justin

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How We Met

My Fiancé Justin and I met our junior year of college, but we first noticed each other the summer before at a basketball game. If you ask him, he will tell you exactly what I was wearing, how my hair was done and how dark my tan was. If you ask me, I will tell you that I made eye contact with a handsome stranger and couldn’t look away. Something in me just knew that he wouldn’t be a stranger for long. Justin was the star basketball player at Monmouth University and I was on the dance team. The moment we met we clicked and we became best friends before anything else. There were no secrets, no one held back, we knew each other better than we knew ourselves. One day I went over to his dorm to watch a movie with him before he had class, we watched ‘Bench Warmers,’ and till this day thats still our go to movie (it wasn’t a very far walk, we conveniently lived right next to each other). Before we parted ways, him going to class and me going to do homework, we hugged like normal but this time when we pulled away it was slow and before I knew it Justin was leaning in to kiss me and that kiss was the start of forever.

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how they asked

My Fiancé Justin plays professional basketball in Russia so he has been out of the states since August. Since the moment he left, everyday he would tell me that he could not wait for Christmas because he knew what my present was going to be. A little over four months passed and we were coming upon the final days of being separated when he started mentioning that in order to find my Christmas present I would have to complete a scavenger hunt. Me being completely overwhelmed and excited with his return (even if it was only for three days), brushed off the thought of a scavenger hunt and just said “okay!” Fast forward to the morning of Christmas Eve, he told me I had to keep my eyes closed as he led me down the hallway to the family room. I opened my eyes to find a trail of notes on the floor. As I flipped each note over, I started to notice a pattern, each one was hand written with my favorite song lyrics or quotes from movies on them. I flipped and flipped until I found myself standing in front of the Christmas tree, where my final note (#15) and a hand written poem were resting on the branches. ‘Im gonna love you till my lungs give out, I promise till death we part like in our vows’ was what my final note read. The tears started to fall, it was time to read the hand written poem that he wrote all on his own, from the heart, it was all so perfect. The final line of the poem said, “Before in my own tears I drown.. Turn around.” When I turned around I found my best friend on his knee, tears rolling down his face and he asked me the question I’ve been dreaming of since the moment we met.

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