Marisa and Ernest

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How We Met

groom had a cold water surf company.

bride joined to head up its retail and visual merchandising.

the two fell in love riding bikes, surfing and partying in corwall, uk.

best friends, lovers, she rocks my world, ernie

how they asked

we flew to florence for a 5 day holiday.

we walked the city, his parents lived there for a year, so we saw everything they loved.

he told me that we were going to climb the top of the duomo – do the tour, i couldn’t wait.

whilst outside and looking up, i said to him – imagine someone proposing up there – apparently he nearly fainted.

we climbed to the top, he sat on the floor at the top, i thought he was acting weird.

i literally had no clue, none and the film he made says it all.

he has my heart, florence has my heart – nothing but love for this man.

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