Marisa and Eric

how we met

We met in 2004 while working at an Electronics retailer. I was 18, he was 19. We were very young, so we just went along with the flow and took one day at a time.

Our relationship endured college years, my first job relocation to Texas for 4 years, and a subsequent relocation to Colorado for 2 years. He has always been incredibly supportive of me, my career, and happiness.

We never had long term plans, but our love for each other helped us embrace all the peaks and survive all the valleys. We are finally back together in California and are very excited about the future!

how they asked

It started with the signs: a very good friend’s wedding was suddenly scheduled the weekend of our scheduled trip so we accommodated our plans, complications obtaining Visas due to scheduling conflicts, a missed connection which led to a 24 hour layover in a random city, and bad weather upon arrival simply meant that odds were against us. This was our special vacation which seemingly was to a very bad start, all the signs were leading us to cancel our trip to Brazil…but we just had to go. My darling of nearly 12 years constantly kept reminding me that it would be the most memorable trip.

The city was beautiful, vivid and colorful. We had an amazing time exploring, and saved the magnificent Christ Redeemer statue for our last day. Once we arrived, we were rushed to explore before closing time. As I was contemplating our surroundings and absorbing the moment, he suddenly walked up to me from the crowds and got down on one knee as he promised eternal love. I was shocked but very grateful for him – I did not think twice about it, I said yes! The crowds around us gathered and started cheering, helping us seal this magical moment. I was blessed from the beginning, and he definitely was right: our time in Brazil was memorable.
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