Marisa and Casey

how we met

We met the way most millennials do these days. We both swiped right on Bumble! (I like to think it’s at least a step up from Tinder). I remember he listed his height in his profile as 6’6″, and I was hooked because tall is my type. Casey is also from Vermont, so I was excited to match with someone who wasn’t from the small social circle I was familiar with. Our first date was drinks at a bar in Delray on Atlantic Ave. Not only was he tall, he was handsome, charming, and humble. Things moved quickly after that first date. Within a week we played tennis, went to the beach, and cooked dinner together. After less than two weeks of knowing each other, Casey asked me to be his girlfriend. I’m forever grateful for Bumble for bringing us together, because I don’t know how else this Florida girl and New Englander’s paths would have crossed.

I can’t pinpoint one single moment that I knew Casey was the one, but there were definitely special moments early in our relationship that stood out to me. I had permanent butterflies around him, yet he made me feel so comfortable with a simple embrace. I remember going to the fair together and riding the ferris wheel. It was such a cheesy, picturesque moment–The Notebook fan in me was gushing. The words “I love you” were about to spill out of my mouth, but the sane part of me was saying “No, this is too soon. Wait for him to say it.” I didn’t tell him how I felt that night, but a few days later we were laying in bed talking about how happy we both were. Casey pretty much used every other way to say I love you without actually dropping the L-bomb. I could tell he was nervous, so the Speech Therapist in me came out and helped him. I said, “does it start with an I….?” Thankfully, he was able to get the rest of it out and from that moment on, we’ve both been on the same page with our love and the direction of our relationship.

how they asked

Our proposal was the biggest surprise of my life! When people see our perfectly posed photos with his suit and my yellow dress, they say “Come on, you must have had an idea.” I truly did not. The truth is, I didn’t see this proposal coming for another year or two at least! When I entered a photo shoot contest on Facebook, I thought I was going to win some free pictures of us with our new puppy. Casey rolled his eyes when I told him I won…”great, more pictures!”

Our photographer, Shauna, told me she wanted to build her portfolio with a more romantic photo shoot. This made me nervous because I didn’t want people on social media to think I was crazy taking engagement style pictures without actually being engaged. Little did I know, Casey was secretly planning a proposal behind my back! We met Shauna at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts for our afternoon photo shoot. We took photos for a bit and then changed locations to be closer to the waterfront, per Casey’s request. While Shauna was changing her camera lens and “adjusting to the light”, she told us to take a minute to ourselves. Casey held me really tight and started saying all of these nice things about how much I meant to him. It still didn’t hit me. Then, he got down on one knee and pulled a ring box out of his sock.

All I remember is repeating “Are you serious?!” over and over again. I was utterly shocked. After I somewhat regained my composure, we walked across the street to a restaurant and were met by his parents and our puppy, Brady, for a champagne toast. The proposal was more than I could have ever dreamed of. I’ll treasure that moment and those photos forever.

Special Thanks

Shauna Lynne Photography
 | photographer