Marisa and Billy

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How We Met

Billy and I met back in 2017. He had just finished up four hard years at the United States Military Academy and was getting ready to start his career as an Army Officer down in Fort Benning, Georgia. On the other hand, I was studying hard to take my NCLEX, as I had just graduated from nursing school and would soon find out I landed an awesome job as an RN in New York City. Billy and I had met eachother several times in passing due to the fact that his childhood best friend and I went to nursing school together. Well low and behold, Billy saw me again that summer, and asked me if I could go out on a date with him. I figured sure, why not? He’s about to leave for Georgia anyway! Our first date went absolutely amazing. I knew he was a special guy but was so unsure what would happen when he moved down south for his army career and I would be now working full time in NYC. We went on two more dates that the following week and then he left for Georiga. I was so sad, but we still kept in contact, every day we would text or facetime and it felt so natural. I ended up about a month later flying down to Georgia to see him and from there on we’ve decided to be a couple. Distance definitely had its challenges, but for a year and a half we made it work. I now moved out to Washington state with him where we’ve been for another year and a half together!

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How They Asked

Since moving out to Washington state from the east coast, Billy and I have really found a love for mountains and hiking. It’s a great hobby for us to share together. So like any other day, Billy and I decided to go on a hike together with our Dog, Clyde. We drove two hours to Mount Pilchuck to hike Heather Lake Trailhead. The views are breathtaking. Billy always takes pictures of me when we go hiking.

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He was snapping pictures of Clyde and myself, so I really thought nothing of it. Then again he said, “Marisa, turn around let me take one more picture of you.” Then he said “Hey baby, turn back around.” And there he was on one knee, with a ring out. I had no idea he was going to purpose. It was the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life. The scenery was perfect, it was so us, quiet and content in the mountains. Clyde was there, which was very important to me. He couldn’t have picked a better moment. I was so happy.

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