Marisa and Alex

How They Asked

Al and I have known each other since middle school, so a hometown proposal made sense for us and our story.

Al is not one for secrets so I knew he was planning to propose while we were back in our hometown for the holidays. We had plans every day, but one, while we were home – the day I least expected something.

I had plans with a friend who had recently gotten married and I hadn’t seen her and her husband’s new home. I went to her place to hang out and catch up on the latest. Just after I toured their new home I received a text from Al. It was a poem! With instructions! Telling me to go to a park in our hometown.

At that moment so knew. My friend tried to play it off as a late birthday gift, but I knew she was full of it. We went to the park and Al met me at the car. He had HUGE lit letters set up that said “marry me.” He walked me over to the letters, got down on one knee, and proposed.

I said yes! We spent the rest of the evening celebrating with friends and family.



Special Thanks

Shelly Beck Photography
 | Photography
Sister Creek Vineyards
 | Engagement Shoot Location