Marisa and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met the old fashioned way- through a friend who introduced us via facebook. Hey- at least it wasnt tinder! He had thought I was cute and saw photos of me in some of my friends pictures. He messaged my friend and asked if I was single. My friend then messaged me and encouraged me to give him a shot. I was just finishing a relationship at the time and wasnt sure if it was the right idea. I decided to let him add me on there and we talked. The rest was history!

how they asked

I knew Aaron was the one for me the minute he dropped off Nutella donuts on my doorstep during the early weeks of us dating. I knew I would spend my life with him. I knew we would have a life full of adventures. The moment this became official though was when he asked me to marry him was on our latest adventure to Hawaii just two weeks ago.

We arrived in Honolulu at 10PM that night and although we were both tired- we decided we should take a walk on the beach and get a drink before heading to bed. While we were walking on the beach- Aaron went up to the shore and started saying “Oh my god Maris- look what I found- an old note!”. Confused- I ran up to him and saw an old paper that was tea-bagged and burnt along the edges. The front read “The Story of Malika and Alona”- our names in Hawaiian. Aaron has always been obsessed with Hawaii- he named his dog Maui, did art pieces that featured his Hawaiian name and it has been a life long dream to travel there. Weeks before our departure- we looked up my Hawaiian name as well- Malika.

Image 1 of Marisa and Aaron

I grabbed the note and began reading it. It was a note of our special love story. It then went into a parody of how while we were travelling to Waikiki beach by boat from Canada that our boat hit some bad weather. I was wearing my favourite flower crown while on the boat and unfortunately the wind blew it away into the ocean. The flower crown contained a yellow flower that represented why Aaron loved me, a purple flower that represented our memories and a pink flower that was just special because it was my favourite colour. The note explained that sometimes things wash up on shore in Waikiki and to keep my eyes peeled while we were there. If I was to see a flower- I should look around the flower- in the sand even because there may be some treasure that washed up with it.

The next day while walking on the beach to breakfast, we wanted to walk by Royal Hawaiian Hotel ( a massively bright pink hotel that I have been dying to see). Right in front of the hotel- I spotted the first yellow flower. I sprinted towards it! Once I picked it up- I began digging into the sand and found a rose gold treasure box. Inside was a script that said “LOVE” at the top with all Hawaiian designed note cards that listed the reasons why he loves me. I started crying! It was so beautiful. Aaron kept playing along and said “Wow you have a good eye- I wonder when you will find the rest of the flowers”. I grew suspicious at this point but didn’t want to jinx myself that I would find a ring!

Later in the day- we ended up at secluded beach called “Eternity beach”. We lounged here for a bit and swam and …it was the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. When I was coming in from my swim in the ocean- I spotted flower # 2 which was the purple flower- the flower that represented our memories together. I dug up another rose gold treasure box and when I opened it- it said “YOU” on top and it contained all photos of ALL of our memories together- from every month basically. Each box also contained Hawaiian flowers and seashells.

I kept asking if he thought the pink flower would wash up. He continued to play along all day and said “I don’t know- we would be really lucky if it did” or “If it did- I bet we wont find it for a few days”. I was anxious to find this pink flower! Later in the evening- we had planned to watch the free fireworks that were taking place infront of our hotel. Aaron decided to head down early and get us a spot as I got ready. I put on my pink dress for good luck and met him on the beach with some drinks.

We watched the amazing fire work show and just before it ended- I spotted the pink flower to the right side of me ( SIDE NOTE: CLEARLY I AM EASILY DISTRACTED AS I HAVE NO IDEA HOW HE PULLED THIS OFF!). I started to dig and found a slightly bigger rose gold treasure box. I opened it up and inside had a card that said “Malika”. Inside the card- it read Will You Marry me? And finally- underneath the card was a ring box.

Image 2 of Marisa and Aaron

Image 3 of Marisa and Aaron

Image 4 of Marisa and Aaron

He proposed to me with a beautiful rose gold solitaire diamond ring and I said YES as many times as I could.


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