Maris and Doug

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Paris

How We Met

Doug and I were introduced by a coworker of mine who happened to be Doug’s friend/roommate. Her and I quickly became friends and thought I should go on a date with her roommate. She gave him my phone number and days later I got a text from Doug asking if I would like to go to a Mariners baseball game with him.

It’s safe to say we hit it off because we spent at least 8 hours together that day driving to and from the stadium, watching the entire game and grabbing dinner afterwards. Side note: the drive to the stadium from where we lived at the time was 3 hours round trip! Ever since what was essentially a blind date, we have been inseparable!

Maris and Doug's Engagement in Disneyland Paris

Where to Propose in Disneyland Paris

How They Asked

We were in the middle of our two+ weeks European vacation in Disneyland Paris. Doug booked us a room at a Disney hotel and came across a note that invited us to an exquisite Disney experience that included a photographer and VIP seats for the nightly fireworks show.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Disneyland Paris

After an hour long photo shoot around the park with our designated photographer, we were escorted to the VIP area. It was located in the very front of the castle where it was roped off to other Disney goers. I believed the cast member when he said this area was exclusive!

Minutes before the show, we were directed to take our final photo in front of the castle. I went to my go-to pose, one hand on my hip, the other around Doug. But he started to grab both my hands and had me face towards him and he started talking…I was slightly freaking out on the inside. He began to say, Maris you know I love you but I want you to be my Minnie forever…I literally said out loud, Is this happening? (Tears starting flowing because in that moment, I knew it was happening.) Doug got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I started crying, no, sobbing then said YES!

A cast member came over and presented the ring on a velvet pillow just like they would in a fairy tale! Doug really pulled off the most epic proposal with the help of a few Disney fairies.

We celebrated a beautiful moment with fireworks and thought to myself, wow, fairytales do come true!

We would like to thank Disney Paris, its cast members and event coordinator for helping my fiancé flawlessly execute the most magical proposal EVER!

Special Thanks

Photographer hired by Disney Paris
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Claudio and Barbara from Flytographer
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