Marine and John

How We Met

We met when I (the bride) was in freshman year of high-school in Kuwait. We were both born there, but we are Egyptian. He was in a school behind mine, and used to be in Varsity basketball and would come play at my school. We fell in love after he moved to Egypt for Dentistry school, while i was a senior in HS in Kuwait. It was long distance for the first few months. He visited from Cairo before my prom to ask me out on a date. that was May 27, 2012. After HS in Kuwait, I moved to Cairo for university to be close to him.

how they asked

For almost every summer of my life, I would travel with my family to Algarve to vacation in the same resort that parents had their honeymoon. Summer 2016, I traveled there with my family like every year, and John had planned to surprise me there. My parents told me we were going to the Resort’s Cocktail reception that they hold every Tuesday. Little did I know that John flew from Egypt with his best friend to surprise me!

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