Marina and Stephen

How We Met

We met over 12 years ago through mutual friends, we were really close back then but we lost contact after we both got into relationships. My parents always dined at his restaurant and I joined them one night and we struck up a friendship again and the rest is history.

how they asked

His friends sent us a group message and said we were having an early Christmas party at crown and pre drinks were in the villa suite. I was hesitant in going, and he forced a few arguments to get me to come. On the day I started getting suspicious because it was sooo important for me to be there, but after all my questions he through me off completely and I gave up that he was ever going to ask.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Crown Towers Villa Melbourne

Marina and Stephen's Engagement in Crown Towers Villa Melbourne

Then we arrived at the hotel door and he handed me three cards and the video shows the rest. The next night he organised all our close friends and family to celebrate with us.

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