Marina and Shane

How We Met

We met in Elementary school. He is two years older and my first fondest memory of us was during a school function. When I was in grade 6 and he was in grade 8 during a school function he spoke to me and I honestly knew at that moment that I wanted to know more about him. I was a very mature child and grew up relatively quick. When I got into grade 8, he was in grade 10 and that is when we began conversing. We would talk everyday and hangout relatively. He stole my heart and I was only 14. I finally began high school but not the same one he attended. We became closer and closer and began hanging out even more. Finally on January 4th 2010 he asked me to be his girlfriend. We couldn’t live without speaking or seeing each other everyday. We were inseparable (we still are). We took our first trip together in July 2010 to Portugal and I knew then that one day I wanted to marry him. We did everything together for the next 5 years! Which brings us up to the proposal.

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how they asked

He told me he was going to take me for a walk in this trail that I love. Which happens to be across from his grandpas house (a place where he spent a lot of time. Him and his grandfather are extremely close and is a very important part of my fiancé’s life). As we began walking into the trail there were beautiful signs and pictures of us placed along the fall leaf covered trees and ground. The signs read “Marina and Shane walking through the trees…k-i-s-s-i-n-g… first comes love… then comes marriage” as we tuned a corner following the last sign, both my family and his were sitting there. Each parent holding a sign reading “You make me happy” It was completely decorated with more pictures of us from throughout the years, mason jars with candles, and roses heads hanging from the trees. “I think I want to marry you” by Bruno Mars began playing and my heart was racing. It was by far the most romantic moment I could ever possibly imagine. The signs our parents were holding were turned and then read “Will you marry me?” Tears of joy fell from my eyes, he hugged me tight, told me how much he loved me and got down on one knee. I then heard the words every girl dreams of hearing. The 4 words I have wanted for him to say for quite some time. “Will you marry me?” I said YES of course. And now we will begin a new chapter in our lives.

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