Marina and Scott

We had gone ring shopping a few months before. I absolutely fell in love with a beautiful three stone ring at Helzberg. Unfortunately it could not be ordered in my size, a lie from the jeweler who was in on the whole thing. Little did I know, Scott had already ordered it. Fast forward a couple months and some painstaking pinning trying to find something I loved as much as that beautiful three stone ring…It was my 24th birthday.

My mother always loved any excuse for a party, so when she insisted on throwing me a birthday party I thought nothing of it. I helped plan the whole thing, not realizing it was also my engagement party!! Scott had invited my whole family and his, all of our closest friends, and they were all in on it! There was a separate version of the invitation that I never saw…

Image 1 of Marina and Scott

He got my dream ring! And Scott had all of his best friend set off confetti bombs when I said yes!

Image 2 of Marina and Scott

Image 3 of Marina and Scott

Image 4 of Marina and Scott

Image 5 of Marina and Scott

Image 6 of Marina and Scott