Marina and John

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How We Met

I was fortunate enough to meet Marina on Venice Beach while working on a commercial back in January 2015. I was a production assistant and she was working as a background performer/extra. It was one of the feelings like I think she could be the one. I just need to find a way to introduce myself and stay cool. We made small talk in between scenes. Just enough to break the ice, but not enough to know if she had any mutual interest. And…just my luck, I was pulled to another area and was not there for the wrap out. In other words, she left and I did not get the chance to speak to her any further :(

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Thank God for social media! While working as a production assistant, I was fortunate enough to have a roster of all the background performers. I was able to get her name, and embarrassing enough at the time, I decided to search Facebook for her, and she popped up first! When I messaged her, her first reply was, “How did you find me?” Haha. This response can be a good thing or a bad thing. I stayed honest and told her exactly how I did. We had a few back and forths, and unknown to me at the time she was on the verge of starting a relationship with another guy. Bummer! So, our FB conversations went away. After realizing that she was no longer responding to my messages, I stopped communication as well.

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Fast forward to 8 months later, still on Facebook, we were both working with the same temporary company. There was a Public forum page where members could post questions, etc. Lo and behold, I see a post thread by Marina Hamilton! Sure, I could’ve ignored her profile and made it like I never saw it. But, I’d just be lying to myself. She was just too beautiful to ignore. So, again, I sent her a message. *Insert dramatic effect* ……She responds!! We reconnected and finally went out on our first date. Which was BJ’s Brewhouse in Burbank. Needless to say, I made sure this time around, there were no more disconnects.

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how they asked

May 24th, 2018 I took the next important step in the relationship between myself and Marina and asked for her hand in marriage. Creating a memorable moment was not only important to me, but the idea came easy. After all. She’s worth it! So, how did I execute the plan?

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THE SETUP: She works a lot, so I reached out to a popular casting company here in Los Angeles and we worked together to create a fake casting notice seeking couples for a stock footage photography session paying $200. I then brought in @carrierogersphotography to help deliver the plan. She (Marina) was led to believe the photos were for the photographer’s website.

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THE EXECUTION: Call time was 9 am. “Wardrobe” requested that we wear formal wear and to bring a casual option as well. We met at the location, shot for about 30 minutes as if it were a traditional photo session, then in front of the fountain, I popped the big question! Long story short, she said yes! My only worry was breaking the news to her that we weren’t getting paid. Image 3 of Marina and John

Our Video

Special Thanks

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