Marina and Joe

How We Met: After working at Starbucks for 3 years, there was an opportunity for a promotion at the outlets Starbucks in Deer Park. I was excited and nervous but figured it would be a nice change. When I first started working there I immediately noticed Joe and was secretly happy he was my new coworker, he was my “type” tall, dark, and handsome.

Image 1 of Marina and Joe

I also noticed how quiet he was which bothered me at first because I’m more of a naturally outgoing, loud person lol I would always look at the schedule to see when we would be working together and I’d come in with my hair and makeup looking perfect haha After a couple of months of working together we became good friends, and he opened up to me a lot. We would talk and text everyday talking about little things, silly things, personal things, family, friends, our life goals, values and morals.

I noticed the little things he would do, I would catch him staring at me when we worked together, he would never let me take the garbage out, he wouldn’t let me walk to my car alone and he knew how much I skeeved the bathroom in our store and when he knew I had to go, he would come to me and say he cleaned it well so I could use it, like what guy would do that??…those are just to name a few. So eventually we went to the movies a lot and became very close. Soon after on July 1st, 2013 we became an official couple.

how they asked: February 14th 2015, that morning I went with my Mommy and little sister to get pedicures, my mom told me her Valentine’s gift to me was also a manicure, but I told her I’m not allowed to wear nail polish for work and I’d have to take it off but she didn’t care to hear it lol (I always told my mom when I get engaged my nails, hair, and makeup need to be on point, and she knew how to make it happen) haha. So when we got home I knew I had to get ready because Joe told me he made reservations for us at a restaurant called Graceful Rose in Port Jefferson, which is one of our favorite villages, and I knew I wanted to look really nice.

Image 2 of Marina and Joe

I was on my way upstairs to get ready and I noticed beautiful roses in a vase that were delivered to my house with a little card from him, a teddy bear, and chocolates. I was so surprised and thought it was so sweet, he always makes me feel so special. So I finally get ready and Joe was picking me up at 3:15 because he made a 4:30 reservation for us, it was supposed to snow a lot that evening so he picked me up early enough so that we had ample amount of time to get there.

He comes to get me and we’re on our way to the village, we drove safely and had to take a couple different turns because the roads were hilly and very slippery. We finally made it to the restaurant and had a wonderful dinner. It was nice to get dressed up, I love Valentine’s day and Joe knows it and he made it all so special. So finally we finish dinner and we notice the snow fall is getting a lot heavier than earlier. I told him maybe we can just go back to the car to open each others gifts but he was adamant about finding a nice spot near the pier.

So we started to walk and we saw another restaurant right near the pier that had an area outside with couches and we thought it was perfect so we walked over and I sat down. I was like baby do you wanna sit and he said that he would rather stand and I still didn’t think anything of it haha.

He wanted me to give him his gifts first, and I was so excited because I made him a box with his favorite candies, I got him tickets to a bacon festival because my man loves bacon lol and I got him beard oil and balm since he has a lush beard, I was so proud and thought I did great lol…

So now it was my turn, there were 3 chinese take out container boxes that had my gifts inside, they were red and had cute stickers on them (I always thought those containers were so cute to put gifts in and I told him a while back and he sweet)

As I opened them I noticed there was every single Lush product inside that I was looking at when we went in the store about a month before. He has an incredible memory and got me everything I said I liked…even down to the exact facial mask!

I was so shocked and blown away, I love that store and was so happy and excited and couldn’t wait to use my goodies! I went to give him a hug and a kiss to thank him and he goes there’s one more gift…at this point I was like are you kidding, I was already so happy with my Lush goodies. So he takes out a fortune cookie (to go with the theme) which I thought was SO cute, I quickly opened it and told him to eat the cookie with me because I was so full from dinner, and I got to reading the fortune and it said “Will you be my valentine forever? and on the back it said “Lucky numbers: 2/14/15..and at that moment he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him…

I was SO shocked, I felt like I was living a dream, he had the biggest smile on his face and he opened the ring box and I was blown away at how beautiful my ring was, he knew EXACTLY what kind of engagement ring I wanted since we would always talk about getting married, and I found out later on that he picked out my ring with my mom, which was so sweet. He knew how important it was to her being that we’re so close. I always envisioned what my dream ring would look like and as I looked at it, it far exceeded my expectations, I couldn’t believe my dream man was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

Image 3 of Marina and Joe

I was so elated and couldn’t contain my excitement. I kissed and hugged him so tight and I was so thrilled. I took the ring out so fast and put it on my finger without even thinking LOL he started to laugh and was like you must really love it because I didn’t even get to put it on you haha I was so overjoyed, I jumped up and down, screamed, and cried. I was still in shock, it was truly the best moment of my life. I called my mom and I couldn’t even talk because I kept crying.

I told her we were going home and then Joe told me there’s ones final surprise. At this point I didn’t even know what to think I just hugged him and didn’t want to let go. So we drove back to my house and I came to see my family and his parents and siblings all there to celebrate with us! I couldn’t believe both of our families hid it so well for so many months. It was truly a magical day, it may sound silly but my jaw hurt from smiling so much that weekend, I was on cloud nine! I can’t wait for our wedding day, to marry my best friend, and the man of my dreams!

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