Marina and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I met working at Red Lobster. I was a server and he was in the kitchen, so it was a few months of working together before we actually started talking. It wasn’t until we both had our break at the same time that I discovered what a huge funny/hunky guy he was! It didn’t take much longer after that for me to realize that he was 100% my person!
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how they asked

Jake and I were on a two week long Euro trip with our last stop being Paris. The whole time he was filming footage for a music video he was making, and had me walking around everywhere as part of it. The video’s called “The Search” so the idea was for me to be walking around ‘searching’, and in the end of the video we ‘meet’ at the Eiffel Tower. So because it was Valentine’s Day and we were in literally the most romantical city in the world, we obviously had the most extravagent day planned full of good sights, good food and good wine. Before our shoot, we went to this PHENOMENAL dinner overlooking the Eiffel Tower and reminisced about how great this trip has been. Once we were done we walked over to the tower and Jake set up his equipment to get the final scene. It was taking a super long time and I was getting cold and probably sassy, and then he gave instructions that once the tower started sparkling, we were supposed to slowly walk towards each other, and then the video would cut. So we stood on each end of the field and waited for the magical lights to start doing their thing, and once they did we started to walk. Once we got to each other, that was all we needed for the shot so we just watched the tower sparkle for a little longer, looking like big heart-eye emoji’s. That’s when he turned to me and said “this trip has been really great, but before it ends there’s one more thing”. Even though at this point it should be obvious, I was actually not suspicious at all and let him continue talking, but his next line was “are you ready?” as he got down on one knee! So naturally I burst into tears while simultaneously laughing and saying “oh my god”. I’m pretty sure I blacked at out this point because I know he was on his knee for a while but all I remember him saying is “will you marry me?”! I couldn’t believe he was ACTUALLY proposing, and the ring was right under my nose the entire trip.

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