Marina and Igor

Marina and Igor's Engagement in Platak ski resort, Croatia

How We Met

We’ve met at my ex’s birthday party that I was invited to ten years ago. They were actually having a party together but I didn’t know my fiancé back then. The party was outside, a lot of people were invited and we were all mingling, talking and drinking. At one point I was leaving one group of people and headed to another group when a boy stepped in front of me. He asked me Who I am with and I said no one. Then he asked me Who am I waiting for and as I answered no one he kissed me. It was a soft but bold kiss on my lips. And that’s how it all started.

how they asked

It was a beautiful sunny day and fresh snow was falling all night so we decided to go for a walk with our dog on Platak (local mountain that we’ve spent so many days snowboarding). Igor invited our friend and his dog to come with us (a friend is a professional photographer and could use some couple photos on the snow for his portfolio. So be it he took his camera with him). I had no idea they had been planning this for weeks now and was completely clueless of the engagement. Igor was supposed to come down the mountain on his snowboard, sprinkle me with the snow as he was stopping, kiss me and our friend was supposed to take a photo of that romantic moment.

Proposal Ideas Platak ski resort, Croatia

Well, Igor did come down the mountain on his snowboard, sprinkled me with the snow, dropped on his knees, took a little box out of his pocket, opened it and asked Will you be mine forever.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Platak ski resort, Croatia

I was so surprised I started to scream No! No! No! (what I’ve meant was No, I can’t believe this was happening!) but instead of that all I could say was No! At that point Igor was a bit freaked out but as soon as I got the grip I said Yes! (of course).

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Special Thanks

Vladimir Mudrovcic
photographer & friend