Marina and Christopher

How We Met

It was my junior year of high school and I saw Christopher walking out of my best friend’s class. He immediately caught my eye so I asked her about him. I told her not to say anything to him, but that obviously didn’t happen. Every awkward high school girl’s fear came true when he told my friend that he wasn’t interested. In his defense, I had burgundy hair, a lip ring and didn’t look too friendly #restingbitchfaceproblems (high school was a weird time).

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Fast forward to the last few weeks of summer before my senior year. I noticed that we had a few mutual friends and asked about him again. At this point, my mom had enough of my lip ring and rebellious hair and made me get rid of both. Guess mom IS always right because he agreed to meet after his soccer game! As cliche as it sounds, we hit it off right away. We were officially dating in less than 3 weeks, (things escalate quickly in high school) and the rest was history.

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how they asked

It was the weekend of one of our friends birthday (the same best friend whose class I saw him walking out of) and we were going to brunch. As usual, Christopher is navigating us to our destination because I am directionally challenged. As we walk to brunch he tells me that we will pass an outdoor art gallery under the Brooklyn Bridge and asks if I want to check it out really quick. I’m complaining the whole way there because; heels, but the prospect of an artsy Insta-post intrigues me so I sucked it up. As we turn the corner the first thing I notice are the rose petals on the ground. “Look there’s the gallery,” he said. There were pictures of us at all the places we’ve traveled, and some of our earliest memories.

Marina's Proposal in Brooklyn Bridge

At this point, I blacked out but he said something along the lines of “We’ve made so many memories over the last decade and I want to keep making them forever” and got down on one knee *cue the ugly cry*. Turns out my friends “birthday brunch” was really my proposal! Moments after he put the ring on my finger, my best friends popped out of the bushes. They had been there the whole morning setting up with the photographer.

After a quick moment of celebration, they told us that they made the 5 of us a reservation for brunch after we had our photo shoot. Kelly did such an amazing job capturing the moments after the proposal with our favorite city as the backdrop. When we walked into the restaurant all of our closest friends were there to surprise me! The surprises didn’t end there because when we got home our bedroom was decorated in rose petals, and more pictures of all our best memories hanging from balloons.

I can’t thank all of my friends enough for helping Christopher put on the proposal of my dreams. I am eternally grateful.

Special Thanks

Kelly Williams
 | Photographer