Marina and Alex

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How We Met

Alex & I are both from Montreal Canada born into Italian/Canadian households. We went to high school together, therefore from 2005-2010, we knew of each other’s existence. And in our senior year of high school I began to notice him as not just the cute, blonde, shy guy from my senior class, but as boyfriend material, & so my quest began. Believe it or not, it was incredibly difficult to get this guy’s attention, & yes I was the one who made all the major moves! He was super shy and myself being a loud, bubbly girl it was super intimidating for him at first. I began to instant messenger him on MSN (good old days) and then we exchanged numbers, spoke on the phone and sometimes in school. As the senior year began to close and graduation rolled around we hung out in groups of friends more often and one night the best thing ever happened! We all went and hang out at a local soccer field and played spin the bottle, I secretly prayed for it to land on Alex, but honestly what were the chances?

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And to my surprise the unimaginable happened, I spun, It landed on Alex & we kissed for the first time, as much as I’d love to tell you there were fireworks and butterflies and rainbows.. It was the quickest, boring, dead fish kiss I ever had (I still blame him to this day) regardless, I was super happy, excited & couldn’t get my mind off him. As we continued to talk and hang out throughout the summer I convinced my parents to let me have a house party, actually, I put it as ” a small get together with friends.. 8 or 9″, 30 friends later and my backyard was a rager! All I cared about was him coming over and getting to kiss him again! We spent the whole night having fun, dancing and enjoying the end of the year, kissing for the second time, this time with all the fireworks, butterflies and rainbows you could imagine, and little did we know it would be the start to our lives… Almost 8 years later and we are still together, he asked me to officially be his girlfriend on August 13th, 2010 & now we are on the greatest adventure together to becoming future husband and wife & I get to marry my best friend!

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how they asked

My birthday is October 19, & this past October I turned twenty-five which was a very big milestone for me, so the celebration was going to be BIG. I really wanted to try out this trendy restaurant in the old port of Montreal called Seasalt & Ceviche, so my loving boyfriend made a reservation, however, due to high demand he had to make the reservation a week or so early on October 14th, 2017. That night, I had my amazing friend Demi do my makeup since it was for my special birthday dinner and then went home to get ready. I got ready for dinner, (not knowing what was about to happen). Alex picked me up I was so excited and starvingggggggg, I couldn’t wait to get there! On the way to the old port, we caught some traffic, the sun began to set, it was so pretty and all I could think of was the delicious meal I was about to have and my present!! We got to the old port, he dropped me off and had me wait for him while he parked the car. On his way back to me he was holding a Sephora bag ( my weakness ) & I figured he bought me the palette I had been wanting. He was very eager and rushing to take me to a particular spot, he kept saying “I need to bring you to a specific spot, it’s part of your gift” Not thinking much of it he brought me down by the water on this beautiful wood boardwalk overlooking the old port.

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He handed me my present and asked me to open it, As I opened it I began to see flashes of light, I pulled out a square box, opened it up and saw this gorgeous princess cut diamond ring staring back at me. Alex took the ring out of the box and got down on one knee, he said such beautiful things and asked me to marry him and spend forever with him. I began to cry instantly and said yes, he put the ring on my finger and the flashes of light continued, It was our friend Maria who is a photographer snapping the greatest moment of our lives. It felt like a dream, I couldn’t believe after so many years together, falling in love as just kids, we were going on the biggest adventure together to tie the knot. After the proposal, we went for our supper at Seasalt & Ceviche and he began to tell the entire story about the journey to this proposal day, an 8-month plan and 3 months of holding onto my ring, and all the people involved in his little secret. We promised not to use our phones at supper because he wanted us to truly live in the moment and we would tell our families & friends once we got to my sisters’ house to celebrate, little did I know, we weren’t going to my sisters. After supper we took an Uber to a hotel room overlooking the city of Montreal, he had me walk into the room first, the lights were off but there were flashes of light. When the lights went on, my family and Alex’s family surprised me, our photographer friend was capturing it all and the room was beautifully decorated with cupcakes and champagne, flowers and heart-shaped cookies, it was like something you see in a movie. Once we had our cake and toasted with our champagne flutes, this was it, we were officially going to be the future Mr & Mrs. Grieco, & now I’m going to be Alex’s wifey for lifey, let the planning begin!

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Special Thanks

Maria Giannikos
 | Photographer