Marina and Alex

Alex and I were both placed in Braiden Hall dorms at Colorado State University freshman year. According to him, I was “the crazy girl down the hall” and he was “the guy with the red tie.” Due to severe cases of RBF (resting bitch face), Alex was sure I hated him and vice versa. One night we bonded over Super Smash Brothers and a few mutual friends. At Alex’s birthday party the summer after freshman year, we stayed up all night just talking and developing a friendship. A few days later, Alex confessed that he always thought I was super hot, but was never brave enough to tell me until then. So on July 8, we went on a date. I was sure he wouldn’t be asking for a second date because I was awkward and quiet due to nerves, (and he didn’t even kiss me on the first date) but much to my surprise he asked me out on a second date.

In August of that 2012, Alex helped me move in to my first apartment in Fort Collins, and that day was when he first said “I love you.”

In August of 2016, Alex, my cat Ninja, and I all moved in together. I have learned to deal with football Sundays, and Alex has learned to deal with Say Yes to the Dress marathons. We are always trying to stay young at heart, playing games, watching movies, staying up late talking and laughing, and quite often turn the living room into a blanket fort, while constantly trying to outdo the last fort we built.

June 25, 2017 started out like an ordinary day. I went to breakfast with her parents and Alex slept in. When I got back, I suggested we go for ice cream. Alex suggested we pick up some movies and build a fort when we got home. That day, I was not in the mood to build a fort, it sounded like way too much work and too messy to pick up in a few days, but of course Alex convinced me that we would build it bigger and better than ever before, so I gave in, but he did all the heavy lifting. So we built a fort, watched a movie and I got in the shower before starting the next movie. I got out of the bathroom and went to our bedroom. I was browsing Pinterest suggestions, which were all wedding related. I said, “See, I can’t even go on Pinterest because it thinks I’m getting married and I’m not!” Alex told me that he was starting the next movie and to come into the fort. With a towel on my head, no makeup, and wearing his old football t-shirt, I crawled into the fort to find rose petals, Christmas lights, and candles all around him, “Is this really happening??” I asked as I immediately started to ugly cry. Alex was holding the ring box in his hand and got down on one knee to finally pop the question. A day that was so typical “us” was made into one that we will never forget.

Special Thanks