Marilyn and Patrick

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How We Met

The two of us met in high school and began as best friends in 2009. There was always “a little something” more between us, but we maintained a great friendship all throughout our high school days. In 2012 as Patrick was approaching graduation, we realized we truly loved each other, and we’ve been dating since that moment– We’re still best friends though which is probably our favorite thing about our relationship.

how they asked

I (Patrick) had been planning this for months which is certainly not easy living 500 miles away, but in some ways it made the secret-keeping a little simpler. After talking to Marilyn’s dad in May, which happened amongst the excitement of our dear friends Sarah and Austin Alvaji’s wedding, I began the planning to ask Marilyn to marry me.

Marilyn and I decided to make our monthly visit for July a sort of summer getaway where she would spend one week at my home in Ashland for some uninterrupted work time, and then we would both take time off of work to go to Capitola, CA. We stayed in an awesome little Airbnb for 3 days, and on our last day we celebrated our 4 year anniversary of dating.

The celebrations consisted of brunch, a trip to the Santa Cruz Wharf candy store, and eventually dinner at Shadowbrook in Capitola. This is the restaurant my parents got engaged at, and Marilyn and I even dined at the exact table where my dad popped the question to my mom. (Hints were pretty much everywhere…) To throw Marilyn off the scent a little, I gave her two tickets to The Head and The Heart in November and we enjoyed our gnocchi (I’m serious it was $o good.) After dinner, I told Marilyn about our plans to drive down the California coast to watch the sunset; or more like “watch the gloomy haze just get darker” which is actually JUST how we like the coast.

We drove down Highway 1 to Big Sur and eventually stopped at Garrapata State Park where our good friend Greg (Greg Petersen Co.) was stationed waiting for our arrival.

*At this time I would like to thank true homies (some of MANY) Annie, Angie, and Sarah who scoped out this spot the week before so Greg and Myself could easily travel to a beautiful spot along the coast of Big Sur without a hitch, it totally worked. Y’all are just the best.*

After Marilyn and I walked down a trail and set up a blanket on a cliff, Greg walked up (quite stealthily I might add) and met us just a few feet away for the big moment. Marilyn and I had been discussing our favorite memories from our 4th year of dating, and when it was her turn to ask my favorite memory, I asked her to stand and it was pretty clear what I was about to say:

“This is my favorite memory.”

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Then came much tear-holding-back and crying as we struggled to say the important things like “Will you marry me?” and “Yes”.

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Fear not, we eventually got those words out, but it was mostly silent communication and laughing because we both have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

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Marilyn and I agree that this moment was such an emotional experience that we really can’t remember much of it once everything started happening, so we are incredibly fortunate to have these ASTOUNDING photos from this moment.

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Greg is incredible and snapped photos while we just took in the moment.

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Hi all, Marilyn here. I wish I could fully articulate the words to explain how I feel at this moment, but alas, the tears aren’t slowing down. I’m literally the happiest I have ever been. Thank you to every single one of you for all the love! WE are feeling it! Also-Thank God for Patrick and his writing abilities, #amIrite. IM FRIGGIN ENGAGED AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

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The next day, we came home from the California coast to a surprise engagement party planned with the help of our family and closest friends. It was the perfect end to this crazy weekend. Tacos, margarita slushies, and dancing with the ones we love.

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Now we’re deep in the planning stages, and we’re looking at August of 2017, so get ready to party! #LaVidaNorris

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With SO much love, Patrick & Marilyn.

Special Thanks

Greg Petersen
 | Photography