Marily and Oscar

Image 1 of Marily and Oscar

How We Met

It took us a while to find each other, but when we finally did… it didn’t take us very long to realize this was the real deal. We met by chance in November 2016. Our first date was to the Houston Texans game. We went on a couple more dates and by the following month, we were inseparable. We made it “Facebook official” in January of 2017. We both knew something big was ahead of us.

how they asked

In March, we decided to book a trip to Marily’s favorite place in the world- Disney World. The trip was scheduled to be in November, but Oscar already knew this is when he was going to propose. Fast forward to November 2017- we are at Disney World having a blast!! The third day of the trip was Magic Kingdom day. Marily had no idea that the proposal she’s dreamed of since she was a young girl was going to happen today. It was a bit crowded, and Oscar just wanted the perfect spot to pop the question.

Image 2 of Marily and Oscar

We passed by Cinderella’s wishing well, and no one was there except another couple. Marily thought this was the perfect photo op.. but Oscar had other plans. He set the phone on video mode and handed his phone to the other couple. To be honest, we both blacked out a little cause of all the emotions! There were happy tears and kisses and so many yesses! It was so funny, Oscar asked Marily if he got down on one knee cause he was so nervous he couldn’t remember! (He did)! Luckily it was all caught on video and we have the memory to treasure. The cherry on top was the dinner reservations we had after the engagement at Cinderella’s Royal Table. We sported our “Just Engaged” buttons and of course the Mickey and Minnie wedding ears the rest of the magical evening. Disney really is the happiest place in the world!

Image 3 of Marily and Oscar